Lead found in Wake County schools prompts change in legislation

Madeline Vessey, Editorials Editor

May 9, 2019

The drinking water crisis currently occurring in Flint, Michigan, brought the issue of lead contaminated water to the the nation's attention. However, one thing many people do not understand about this issue is that it may be more widespread across the United States than it is perceiv...

Antimicrobial resistant diseases are expanding rapidly across the globe

Madeline Vessey, Editorials Editor

May 9, 2019

Drug resistant diseases are becoming a serious problem in this day and age with almost one million becoming infected and 23,000 U.S. citizens dying as a result of antibiotic resistant diseases. With the arrival of effective antibiotics, doctors feel compelled to provide patients with the best possible care; however, antibiotics ar...

Standardized testing creates unhealthy learning environments, stress within students, teachers

Abby Pikett, Design Editor

May 4, 2019

Every year around April and May students begin preparing for the multiple exams they are required to take. This can cause unnecessary stress and worry on students, as well as on the teachers preparing them for the exams. Standardized...

The internet and the Christchurch shooter.

Matthew Roehm, Graphics Editor

April 10, 2019

On March 15, at 1:40 p.m. shots were fired at a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand. 50 were wounded and 50 were injured, the shooter streamed the entire thing over Facebook Live. He also left behind a manifesto, it is filled with ...

Insect populations around the world are facing an apocalypse

Madeline Vessey, Editorial Editor

March 26, 2019

Just about everyone has heard of the save our bees campaign that began in the early 2000s which brought the decline of the bee population to light, along with the benefits of maintaining it. Though this campaign being brought into the spotlight has been incredibly helpful ...

Improving gene editing techniques brings moral implications to light

Madeline Vessey, Editorial Editor

March 25, 2019

In November 2018, He Jiankui reported that he had been the first to successfully edit the genes of two human babies who would have been born with HIV to be resistant to the disease using with a technique called CRISPR Gene Editing. However, his experiment has caused a...

Padding college applications with excessive extracurricular activities becoming too prominent

Jankhna Sura, Editorials Editor

March 22, 2019

Around this time of year, high schoolers all around the U.S. are constantly refreshing their emails, anxiously awaiting the decisions of their top choice colleges. For select students, the hours spent studying for standardized...

Americans should do their research before puchasing from unethical, environmentally unfriendly retailers

Abby Pikett, Staff Writer

March 20, 2019

Clothing is one of the most popular factors that make up American society, but most clothing from traditional retail stores has unethical and harmful environmental impacts on the world. Recently, light has been shed on the negative...

United States should continue to back democracy in Venezuela, around the world

Hunter Gill, Editor-in-Cheif

February 22, 2019

The United States, along with Canada, Israel and numerous South American countries, recently backed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in the countries’ now prominent struggle for power. Guaidó, the president of Venezuela...