What is the Athens Oracle?

The Athens Oracle is the official student newspaper of Athens Drive High School in Raleigh, N.C. In addition to this website, we publish print issues through the school six times each school year (usually in October, November, January, March, April and May). It is advised by English teacher Patricia Hornick, and led by two editors-in-chief (currently, the two editors-in-chief are Abby Pikett and Jankhna Sura).  There is also an assistant editor and a copy editor for each of the four sections (sports, editorials, news and features). A complete list of staff members can be viewed here.

The Athens Oracle has been published here at ADHS since the school opened in 1978, and is currently in its 42nd year of publication.

Our Editorial Policy:
The purpose of the Athens Oracle is to present news that is of interest to students. To the best of our ability, we will seek out and present the news in an interesting and informative manner. The intention of The Oracle is to present Athens in a realistic light, neither ignoring the assets, nor avoiding the unpleasant. We wish to reach the entire student body as opposed to catering to any one group.

The Athens Oracle is a public forum and welcomes any student, teacher or parent contribution, but the editors deserve the right to edit pieces for length and grammar, and to use discretion. The opinions expressed in the signed editorials are those of the author, not The Athens Oracle or Athens Drive High School.

Letters To The Editor:
Disagree with an article? Want to show support? Drop off your response to an article from the latest issue of the Oracle accompanied with your name, email, and signature or email them to [email protected] Letters should not exceed 200 words and must be school appropriate. Once received by the Athens Oracle, letters become property of the newspaper and may be edited and published in any format.


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