The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


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Abagail Bissett
Abagail Bissett

Abagail is a Senior at Athens Drive. This is her third semester in newspaper and she is really looking forward to hearing people's stories. She swims for Athens and is also in a band. She looking forward...

Athens Drive Athletics
Himesh Kafle and his
groups STEM project about making Athens Drive more sustainable. Kafle’s project is full of Challenging problems and solutions for those problems.
STEM students show off their talents at the STEMPosium
Ethan Adams, Staff Writer • June 8, 2022

The STEMPosium is a yearly event at Athens Drive High School that happened this year on May 14, 2022, where students and their parents can see what the students in the STEM...

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Meet the Oracle Staff
ATV News
Two of the Athens Oracles very own seniors, Amena Matcheswala (left) and Syed Abbas (right), wave goodbye to Athens Drive surrounded by pictures of their classs best moments. It was truly a bittersweet moment.
Athens Drive seniors moving on
Jenna Ali, Editor • June 8, 2022

“Move on.” The end of the school year is approaching. Classes are getting shorter, the halls are getting emptier, students are getting antsier, and it is time for...

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“I spent so much of my teen years hunting for anything that made me feel less alone—and I still do that—so I think that will always be my ultimate goal,” said Murphy.
Book Review: Puddin'
Alana Williamson, Assistant Editor • January 8, 2022

I haven’t always had the most confidence or comfort in my body. And I’m not the type to stand out in a crowd, or proudly chase after my dreams....

At the end of practice, Athens Drive football players raise their helmets after successfully putting in hard work for their upcoming game.
The Athens Drive football team bleeds blue not red
October 5, 2022

      Before every game, after every game. Before every practice, after every practice. During a trivial moment, during an achieving moment. The quote that always rings...

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Oracle Observations: Senior Memories
Oracle Observations: Senior Memories
Amena Matcheswala, Aniya Nicholas, and Syed Abbas May 23, 2022

Seniors present at the senior sunrise pose facing the sun at Dorothea Dix park. Seniors participating in the unofficial school event arrived decked out in college gear on the last Friday before test week to create some final lasting memories.
To the class of 2022: One final goodbye
Amena Matcheswala, Editor-in-Chief • June 11, 2022

This year, I took time to return to the simple things I loved most in life. Amongst the receding aftermath of COVID, political turmoil, the Great Resignation,...

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Students walk through the grand English hallway. Athens has had Hogwarts high ranking hallways, students always follow easy moral codes .
The joy of Athens Drive hallways
Jose Garcia, Staff Writer • May 12, 2022

Coming into high school, students often dream of having classes with their best friends, going to prom, and sharing wonderful memories. However,...