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The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


Recent looks at the destruction that occurred in Türkiye or Syria during the earthquake.
How Turkish Teenagers were affected by the earthquake
Ethan Adams and Robert Vinson March 20, 2023

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Türkiye (formally Turkey), and Syria, February 6, 2023. The earthquake affected many Athens Drive students in numerous ways. The recent earthquake...

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ATV News
Staff Profile
Hannah Suehle
Hannah Suehle
Assistant Editorials Editor

Hannah Suehle is a junior at Athens Drive. This is their third semester writing for the Athens Oracle. Outside of school, they like to write fictional stories, read, and do Scottish dance. They look forward...

Scowl vocalist, Kat Moss, at The Pinhook
Raleigh music scene changes overtime
Zane Perryman, Features • March 20, 2023

Most people wouldn’t expect to see a teacher at a hardcore punk show. But English teacher Dylan McGee is a frequent hardcore show attender.  North Carolina is a very...

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Rumble is a relatively new video-sharing platform. It has recently been gaining popularity because of its welcoming of censored influencers.
Rumble on the rise: Platform fights against media censorship
Jenna Ali, Editor-In-Chief • March 20, 2023

It’s no secret that the general media has a large-majority liberal agenda. That, in itself, is a massive issue that the world is blind to and our youth are the casualty....

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The Jump, Set, Spice team as Mason Dancausse jump serves the ball and later goes on to win the game.
Athens hosts annual “Volleybros” event to benefit charity
Taylor Malloy, Assistant Editor • March 20, 2023

Athens hosted their yearly Volleybros tournament Friday, March 17, where the proceeds went to Haven House Services of North Carolina. During Volleybros the boys of Athens...

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Social media is a double edged sword— on one hand, it can level the playing field by letting anyone gain fame. However, that’s not likely the case and very few creators earn livable wages from it.
Rampant Inequality within the Creator Economy disencourages creators
Kavya Sriram, Editor • January 31, 2023

15-year old Charli D’Amelio posted a lip-sync video along with a friend on TikTok in May 2019. At the time, she had less than one million followers....

Andy Ivanov, the weatherman for ATV.
Inside the Mind of Andy Ivanov
Inez Pare, Zane Perryman, and Lezly Gandiaga-Martinez March 17, 2023

The bus loop at Athens. Busses are lined up, ready to take everyone home, all together, all on time.
Bye bye bus driver! (Satire)
Hannah Suehle, Assistant Editor • November 15, 2022

A sharp honk of a car. The shrill sounds of children screaming. The crinkle of wrappers that will be left on the bus for you to clean up. Such...