The Transgender flag was designed in 1999 by a trans woman. The blue and pink stripes represent the traditional colours for boys and girls, respectively. The white stripe represents intersex, transitioning, or neutral gender.
Anti-trans laws sweeping the country, now in N.C.
Abagail Bissett, Staff Writer • September 24, 2021

So far in 2021, over 100 anti trans laws have been introduced in 33 states, this includes 2 such laws in North Carolina.   What is transgender? The term transgender...

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Athens Drive Athletics
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Hi! My name is Alana Williamson and I am a freshman here at Athens Drive. This is my first year being a part of the Athens Oracle staff and it is AMAZING. I am in Women's Chorus and I love the Athens Drive...

William Angell, senior midfielder, kicks the ball down the field to give the team a chance to score against Apex. Final score 3-0 Apex. Photo contributed by Caiden Orders.
Athens Drive men’s soccer team returns to the full experience of soccer
Ryan Poggioli, Staff Writer • September 22, 2021

The Athens Drive men’s soccer team began their season in August. This is the first time they have not had to play with masks on the field in over a year.  They have played...

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Students in North Carolina have to take at least one protein, one fruit, and one milk. However, most students would rather not take the fruit and would rather just throw it away.
Why students hate school lunches
Mohammed Salahat, Staff Writer • September 24, 2021

Frozen, soggy, and bland. These are the words most students will use to describe cafeteria lunch. A majority of these students eat lunch provided by the school. Cafeteria...

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New drone club sparks excitement in STEM students at Athens Drive
New drone club sparks excitement in STEM students at Athens Drive
Sierra Freer, Staff Writer • May 31, 2021

The twenty-first century has been a remarkable era for new technologies such as smartphones, self-driving cars, space rovers and more specifically, drones. Drone innovation,...

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