Americans should do their research before puchasing from unethical, environmentally unfriendly retailers

Abby Pikett, Staff Writer

March 20, 2019

Clothing is one of the most popular factors that make up American society, but most clothing from traditional retail stores has unethical and harmful environmental impacts on the world. Recently, light has been shed on the negative...

United States should continue to back democracy in Venezuela, around the world

Hunter Gill, Editor-in-Cheif

February 22, 2019

The United States, along with Canada, Israel and numerous South American countries, recently backed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in the countries’ now prominent struggle for power. Guaidó, the president of Venezuela...

Many Americans still do not believe that Climate Change exists

Hunter Gill, Editor-in-Cheif

February 20, 2019

Gallup’s 2018 polling numbers on the subject of climate change reveal a startling lack of belief in proven science. Only 64 percent of respondents said they believed climate change is influenced by human activities, compared t...

People must understand the opposition before passing judgement

Hunter Gill, Editor in Cheif

December 17, 2018

I am a Republican. But I, along with the vast majority of Republicans, do not support sending bombs to opposing politicians. Or shooting 11 people in a synagogue. Or the preaching of hate. Every time a right-wing psychopath co...

The Courtyard in November.

Riley Saye and Matthew Roehm

December 13, 2018


The new lunch schedule has potentially endangered clubs at Athens Drive

Stella Mabiala, Copy Editor

December 13, 2018

Students are encouraged to be well-rounded while in high school, to have a good amount of different activities under their belt for college application. Initially, the more well-rounded a student is, the better the student will...

The world only has 12 years left before we can no longer reverse climate change

Ava Riach and Abby Pikett

November 27, 2018

Global warming is the gradual increase in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere, and it can cause irreversible damage to the planet. In fact, 800 million people, about 11 percent of the world’s population, is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This i...

How can we break the cycle of a toxic political culture?

Ava Darden, Design Editor

November 27, 2018

In June of 2017, a contributor to the Huffington Post published an Article titled : “I Don’t Know How to Explain to You that You Should Care About Other People.” Most likely the initial purpose of the article was to criticize...