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The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


Domestic violence: What it is and how to spot it
Domestic violence: What it is and how to spot it
Elijah Hoskins, Social Media Editor • May 24, 2024

Every minute almost 20 people around the world are physically assaulted by their partner; in the US this equals more than 10 million people a...

Drake and Kendrick Lamar going back in forth to understand each others motive
Drake vs Kendrick Lamar
Corissa Greene, Copy Editor • May 22, 2024

There have been suppositions and rumors over the years about tensions between popular rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar, but nothing has been...

Students walk around to view peers STEM projects. Students spent much of the event viewing projects as well as presenting their  own.
Athens STEM students display their semester-long work at Athens STEMposium
Rowan Bissett, Assistant Sports Editor • May 22, 2024

The work of the Athens Drive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students came to fruition this year at the Athens STEMposium on April...

The Athens Drive Flag Football team celebrates after their win against East Wake High School. This was the second game day, and it determined whether they would make it to the Sup-Her-Bowl
Women’s Flag Football’s future uncertain after new budget proposal
Ella Johnson, Copy Editor • May 21, 2024

This 2023-2024 school year, the Carolina Panthers announced they would be donating $50,000 to Wake County to kickstart Women’s flag football...

Members of the South Asian Student Association pose for a photo. This club is one of many school organizations that celebrate student diversity.
Athens Drive Culture Fest to return May 28
Sophie King, Assistant Editor • May 21, 2024

 With a total minority enrollment of 59%, and students from many countries around the world, Athens Drive High School is the most diverse high...

Susan McGraw and Leya Arikat flaunt Athen’s gear as they give a detailed tour of the school. The pair steps up to aid in making certain the Magnet evaluators from Magnet Schools of America have a positive experience.
A new beginning: Boshoff's first year
Brady Jones, Assistant News Editor • May 17, 2024

Amanda Boshoff, Athens Drive’s newest principal, is ending off her first year on a high note. After a long year of getting to know the Athens...

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Mariah Hatcher
Mariah Hatcher
Assistant Editor

Mariah Hatcher is an Athens Drive High School sophomore and an assistant sports editor for the Athens Oracle. This is her second semester writing for the Oracle. She enjoys writing, playing video games,...

Sama Yousef
Sama Yousef
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Sama Yousef is driven to success. Overall she is a fun person to be around. She loves her job at Hollister that she works at with her friends and says it's a nice environment to be in. She enjoys going...

Mrs. Hornick is the adviser for The Athens Oracle, a position she has been lucky to hold for over 15 years! She loves watching her students grow as writers and some of her favorite parts of the class are...

Tardy policy disrupts education


Picture this: you’re running late for your first period because of traffic, or maybe you had a rough night and couldn’t get any sleep. This is a common occurrence for many students who work

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late, study late, or in general have a busy schedule. Most tardies at Athens Drive are from the first period.  Athens Drive’s current tardy policy is not inclusive for students with these problems, and when good students face ISS [In school suspension] for first-period tardies, the school’s values become unclear.

Students are allowed to be late five times before receiving punishment; after five, students receive lunch detention, which is fair depending on the circumstance. For every tardy up until the eighth, they get lunch detention again. On the eighth tardy, students receive in-school suspension. 

Receiving tardies while you are already in school is reasonable unless it is excusable. A few examples of an excusable tardy would be due to health issues or issues  that you physically could not prevent. Being marked tardy for being late to school, especially someone’s first period, should have lesser consequences…depending on the situation. 

Our school wants us to go to class and be there on time, but when students go to class and are just a bit late a few times they get sent to serve ISS. While in ISS, students just sit and are given access to use their laptop for a full 8 hours, which defeats the whole purpose of punishing “skipping”. Students who intend on attending and actively engaging in class with good grades should not be penalized with in-school suspension. 

When students find out that they are on the brink of receiving ISS, many purposely miss that class just to avoid being penalized. The school system needs to acknowledge outside factors that may be causing a regular student to be even minorly late to a class. 

While everyone hates to be in lunch detention, I do agree with this form of punishment. Students still get to go to every class and continue learning; they just don’t get the privilege to go off campus, or eat and talk with friends during their only break.

The #1 nationally ranked high school, Early College at Guilford, uses an individual tardy policy. When a student receives four or more tardies, they are sent to an administrator, counselor, or social worker to see what’s going on and how they can work with them. This system is more inclusive and understanding of the factors that relate to tardies. Athens Drive should embed this into their tardy policy.

 Students who actually want to be in class are missing in-person instruction and are isolated, which takes away from the entire classroom experience that helps students engage and learn. ISS hinders the educational experience for students and Athens Drive should enforce another form of punishment for tardiness that does not consist of sending students to ISS.

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