There is no reason for underfunding the performing arts department at Athens

The flower that is blossoming in these such terms is beyond the beauty of any other flower in this world. Why would someone not want to fund a place where dreams are born, and feelings of inspiration and creativity blossom much like a flower? That remark was quite dramatic, but it shares the main idea of the performing arts department at Athens drive: dramazicing is beautiful. 

Whether it be art of theatre, the art of music or in basic dynamic terms, the art of art itself. Each of these elements all fall under the performing arts department at Athens. 

Reciting back to my previous question, there should not be an answer because that should not be a question. Unfortunately, the reality is the Athens Drive arts department is underfunded. When not enough money is provided for this program, it causes several issues to arise.

No money equals no progress. To run and put on a theatre play takes a lot of steps to get to the final product that you see on opening performance night. A chunk of those steps require money. To play music on instruments at a football game requires money. Painting on paper, sculpting molds, canvases and other materials cost money. 

The cast of a play has to get in character to properly perform for their play. Imagine you are sitting in an auditorium, moments away from seeing your little sister playing the villain in a theatre performance, then all of a sudden, her part is in motion, and she comes out from behind the curtain in her regular clothes she was wearing when you saw her this morning. I would be in shock. That would not be a proper performance. However, if the theatre program was not funded, they would not be able to afford costumes. 

What if you are an art teacher who is in the middle of class trying to teach students how to use watercolors and how to get different shades and consistencies with them, but you do not have any paints, brushes or even proper paper. Without funding, none of those materials can be provided for students to learn. 

There are a lot of sports here at Athens Drive, yet the football team and occasionally another team gets the pleasure of having the Athens band play at their games. In my own opinion, listening to the music of fellow students makes the experience of any sports game more enjoyable. For the amount of time the band spends practicing and rehearsing their music, they should be able to play at more than just football games. Perhaps having them there would attract more students, too. If the arts department got more funding, that might mean they would be able to perform for other games.

Saying that one prefers not to have the arts department and their many categories unfunded is simply like saying you do not want money. To such extent of that statement, it does make me curious as to the reason that stands in the shadows of the answer to the question I asked in the beginning.