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Should we be more involved in the battle against climate change?

Photos by Sama Yousef
Plant taken care of by Sarah Burt, earth and environmental science teacher.

As many know, pollution is a somber topic. Every day another news story or article comes out to tell the public that we need to change how we treat our earth. Contaminated oceans, dying reefs, deforestation, air pollution, and extinction of many species, these are so many problems but what have we done to fight against these issues? At Athens Drive High School we strive to be environmentally friendly. Our school has solar panels, as well as the use of paper trays rather than plastic trays. Many students are active in the recycling club which meets every Wednesday, but is all of this enough? 

Athens Drive High School has made strides towards making a difference in pollution, but as a school full of strong believers in the protection of our environment, students argue there’s always more that should be done. Individual accountability is important, taking little steps like recycling and avoiding non-reusable plastic is such an easy way to make a difference. Access to recycling bins throughout the school is a useful way to remind students to be conscious. 

“No matter what we do, climate change will still be a thing. While pollution is the heart of climate change, I think that pollution is the reason everything is going wrong.” “If I’m being honest I haven’t done anything to help the spread of pollution,” Johnny D. Amaya, junior. 

Many students vocalized that they are not immensely environmentally conscious, but others realize the importance of being kind to the earth. Climate change is inevitable, but speeding up a natural occurrence is not what we need for future generations. 

“I think there’s always more you can do to help, but Athens has already done a lot. But us alone isn’t enough,” Ben Boshoff, junior.

The effort is what truly matters to making a change. The overall significance of climate change and pollution is very strong and reluctant. Having people strive to change it and make dramatic changes such as just picking up their trash and recycling can make such a difference. 

“In my home I have solar panels to decrease my carbon footprint, and I also plan to purchase an electrical vehicle in the next year, recycling is a big part of my routine in my home,” Coach Ray.

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist, and she has bravely spoken up about climate change. Thunberg has also addressed climate change to important politicians. 

Solar panels at Athens Drive High School (Photos by Sama Yousef)

“I have learned you are never too small to make a difference,” said Thunberg.

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