Custodian appreciation week celebrated Oct. 4-7

Custodian appreciation week was from Oct. 4-7. The custodial department consists of Lucy Mendez, Elizabeth, temporary custodian, and Stacy White, head custodian. Assistant Principal, Taneshia Harris, is in charge of employee appreciation here at Athens. 

Ms. Stacy performs so many tasks. She works closely with Ms. Wiggins to put in work orders for the school,” said Harris. 

Throughout the week, the jaguars staff made several donations to show our custodians how much we appreciate them. Along with gifts and a lunch from Olive Garden, the ladies were given mugs, balloons and the door to White’s office was decorated with a sign. They were also given other gifts by the jaguar staff, as well as notes from students thanking the custodial department for all they do.