Athens Drive bridge reopens after over a year of construction


Vehicles travel along the fresh bridge. Though there are cones still lining the sides, the bridge is in full working use.

The bridge on Athens Drive has been closed since Feb. 6, 2022. The bridge has been causing troubles for families over the last year, including troublesome detours. One of the most commonly used detours includes the bridge that goes across Melbourne Rd. 

Detours like these cause problems for many families, including students who need to get to school on time. Because of this detour, lots of students had to leave their homes much earlier than they normally would. 

The fact that this bridge was closed for a year also had a major effect on carpool times at the school. 

“When they closed the bridge, it took my drive from five minutes to around 30, most of the time I spent in the carpool line,” said Ethan Vega, student at Athens.

However, on March 22, 2023, the bridge reopened for travel, making it easier for people to get to the school each day. 

“Yeah we dropped from a six mile drive to less than a two mile drive,” said Joelle Rodriguez, parent of Athens Drive student. 

Reopening this bridge has helped lots of students make it to class, has increased attendance rates and lowered the amount of tardies each day.