Amnesty International Club holds a chalking event


Photos by Arwa Sattar

The entrance by the senior hall is now decorated with Amnesty International’s advocative drawings.

The members of Amnesty International will be taking to the streets of the senior lot with chalk in hand on Wednesday, October 6. They will be chalking up quotes and statistics regarding the well-being of Afghan immigrants. 

The Amnesty International Club here at Athens is a human rights-based group dedicated to raising awareness about various human rights issues around the school and in the community.

“So many students at Athens are passionate about activism,” said Arwa Sattar, member of Amnesty International. “Our club is a way for students to become activists and speak out for others.”

The club has dedicated this week to raising awareness for Afghan immigrants. Not only are they holding events like the chalk event, but they have also set up a booth in the hallway of the senior lot entrance. Members of the club stand by the booth and inform students about ways to lend out a hand to Afghan immigrants.

Any students interested in joining the movement can meet in Ms. Crocket’s room, room 2824, on Wednesday.