“Veronica Mars” impresses faithful fans

Nicole Johnson , Copy Editor

A movie made of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans. This the best way to describe the film adaption of the teen detective show Veronica Mars. Funded by a 6 million dollar kickstarter, the movie is sure to please both devoted fans and newcomers to the series.

The original Veronica Mars series ran from 2004 to 2007 on UPN and the CW. Starring Kristen Bell, the show garnered a steady 2.5 million viewers throughout its running. Despite this, the CW decided to cancel Veronica Mars in order to air the new reality series Pussycat Dolls Present, which lasted for eight weeks.

Since the show’s cancellation was announced, director Rob Thomas expressed great interest in a film version of Veronica Mars. After several years of discussion between Thomas and Bell, an official kickstarter was launched on 13 March 2013 with a goal of $2 million. The goal was met within the first 10 hours. By 5 April, the kickstarter’s completion date, 91,585 donors raised $5,702,153. This broke

several kickstarter records, including the one for the largest successful film kickstarter campaign. Production ran from June to December of 2013, and the film was release on 14 March 2014.

The film is set nine years after the series ended. Veronica has left Neptune, California and moved to New York city, where she is dating Stosh “Piz” Piznarski and has recently received a job offer from a prestigious law firm. Her comparatively happy and stable life is turned upside down when her ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls asks for her detective skills. Logan, now a Lieutenant in the Navy, has been accused of killing Carrie Bishop, his girlfriend and high school classmate to Veronica, Logan and Piz. Despite swearing to stay out of it, Veronica begins to investigate in her old hometown, which is filled with her old friends home for their ten-year reunion. The sleuth is thrust into a dangerous experience that has her trying to prove her friend’s innocence, while also trying to figure out her feelings for him.

Veronica Mars is obviously an heartfelt effort from all involved, and a successful one at that. Almost all of the original television cast reprised their roles for the film, and even though it had been six years most of them had worked together, the rapport they shared is still very much intact. Every actor is filled with energy, making evident how much a Veronica Mars film was wanted by both the fans and the creators of the show. Thomas wrote, produced and directed the film, and having the creator of the show be such an integral part of the movie gave it a familiar touch that diehard fans with both appreciate and enjoy.

Though Veronica Mars was definitely made for the fans of the show, everyone can enjoy it. The performances by the cast, especially Bell, who has become a much bigger name since 2009, and the strong writing and direction of Thomas will entertain all viewers.

Thanks to the success of the film, the people involved are ready for more. It has already been announced that both Bell and Thomas have expressed interest in creating a sequel to Veronica Mars.