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Top 10 things to do before graduation at the Drive

Photos by Farah Al-Rbehat
The Athens Jag in front of the public library at Athens symbolizes the loving community it has created. Everyday, Athens students walk past the Jag and get ready for another great day of learning.

Here at Athens Drive, the second semester has just started. Students are back from winter break and seniors just had their last first day of class in high school. Soon enough, students will get accepted into college, then promposals spread around the school and before they know it, seniors will be walking across the stage with a diploma in hand. 

Here is a list composed of 10 activities every senior at Athens should strive to complete before they’re handed their diploma.

Paint the Jag Rock

iuufad (Photos by Farah Al-Rbehat)

At the peak of the senior lot here at the Drive, the Jag Rock stands tall, shining its bright colors for all to see. With layers and layers of old paint, each layer marks a time capsule, representing the students at Athens and their influential events. Whether it be a birthday, an effort to get the Drive hyped for an upcoming football game, or a huge, colorful ADN displayed on the Jag Rock, it represents the unity and drive of the students at Athens. As a senior, it is only right to mark your special occasion at the Drive.

Go for a joyride on Boshoff’s scooter

As of the 2023-24 school year, the Drive has said goodbye to our beloved Principal, Stephen Mares, and welcomed with open arms our new principal Amanda Boshoff. Due to an unfortunate fall at the Grand Canyon involving a group of friends and an exciting Helicopter save, Boshoff returned to the Drive with a leg injury and a motorized wheelchair, otherwise known as her very own spirit scooter. All the Athens students have watched in envy as Boshoff rolls through the hallways and steers swiftly past the students. Although a joyride is nearly an impossible feat, especially now that she has bravely ditched the spirit scooter, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. An innocent little joyride has certainly crossed the minds of nearly all Athens students.

Convince your teacher to have a class kickball game

Whether AP exams have passed and there is no more material to learn in class or just a chill period in which a class game can be utilized to enhance your learning, ask your teacher if a harmless class game of kickball could be on the week’s agenda. If the sun is shining and the weather is just right, a kickball game would be a perfect cherry on top for the end of a long school week. Getting a few other classes in the same hallway involved and turning an innocent class game into a competition is another way to turn this activity into an enjoyable and harmless contest. Plus, a class competition like this is not unheard of at the Drive…

Go to prom for 15 minutes and ditch it for the after-party

Although Athens Prom is wonderful and the student council worked so hard to pick a theme and set everything up, everyone knows the after-party is much more fun. But don’t completely forget to jam out to a few songs with your friends and your date. Have a guilt-free night of fun, partying, and don’t forget to stay hydrated. 

Adopt a freshman

It’s your senior year, and you have matured much more than all the other kids at the Drive. You serve as the leaders and mentors of the Drive, everyone looks up to you and the astounding accomplishments that you have achieved over the past four years. By the second semester of senior year, most seniors have reached the exceptionally mature age of 18, which is old enough to adopt a child in the U.S. Just go for it! YOLO!!

Get a flip phone !!

Wasting your time scrolling aimlessly on your phone? Burning your eyes staring at your screen at night when you can’t go to sleep? Then ditch the iPhone and get yourself a flip phone! Touch screen cell phones are so last year. Why waste your time throughout the day when, instead of scrolling on your phone, you could read a book, go on a walk, or do a self-care routine? Senior year flies by faster than teachers to a fight and aimlessly scrolling on your phone will make it go by even faster. Be a human for once, get off your phone, and get to living. 

Senior superlatives 

After four years of school with the same people, everyone knows each other, and senior superlatives are the best way to celebrate that. Class clown, best dressed, or best couple, whatever it be, senior superlatives should be on your to-do list for senior year.

Ask Coach Seese to drive the Gator 

The Gator is representative of the Drive the same way the Jaguar is to the Drive. The forest green, four-wheeled UTV is used primarily for the athletic department’s equipment. Coach Seese and Phil drive around in the Gator and give rides to a select few. Make it a mission to get a ride on the Gator before graduation, it’s only tradition.  

Try getting recruited when the Army officials come 

When the Army officials stop by Athens, trying to recruit students, they tend to have students show off their talents. They have little raffles and contests. One of the fan favorites is the push-up and pull-up contests. Although they are not typically approached by many Athens students, they are fun and exciting. Let us change the narrative, go for that push-up, and try to get recruited.

Dress up for Spirit Week

Show your Athens spirit!! If you never participated in spirit week, grow up and come to school dressed up as your favorite movie character!

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