Raleigh neighborhood left in fear after shooter kills five


Photos by Pixabay

A dark image where not much is seen other than an individual holding a gun.

     It was a quiet afternoon on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022 up until a 15-year old male decided to cause chaos in the residential neighborhood of Hedingham located in Raleigh. He went around the neighborhood with a gun, shooting at people. It is unknown if the shooter had any relation to the people he killed. He ended the lives of five innocent individuals, including one off-duty police officer who was getting ready to go to work, and a 16-year old male. Two other victims were injured. Due to the suspect’s age, not much information about this individual has been released. However, authorities have announced that the suspect is currently receiving medical aid at WakeMed because he sustained injuries during the shooting as well. 

Residents in the neighborhood were instructed to lock their doors and avoid going outside because the shooter was still active and had not been put into custody until around 9:30 pm that night. 

A student at Athens lives in Hedingham, she had a first hand experience of the situation.

“My brother was coming home… he had called me and said they weren’t letting anyone into the neighborhood for about two hours… I kept watching the news to see if they had caught the guy… I remember waking up and hearing helicopters and choppers outside,” said Yasmin Abdallah, sophomore.