Class registration continues

The end of the year brings in the joy of new classes. Class registration has begun at the Drive and students are hoping that the classes they choose are given to them. Class registration has changed over the years with technology. Teacher recommendations can be added to specific courses, and with just a click of a button, students can change their course choices. The requirements to graduate vary per grade and with the program the student is in. Here at the Drive the Health Science Academy and STEM Academy are two possible graduation paths. Both academies help students grasp a little of what they plan to do later in their career paths by providing them with courses that apply to their interest and helping students to have interactive activities within possible future career paths. All students are required to take four math courses, four English courses, four social studies courses, three science courses, and electives in order to graduate from their high school career at the drive. This coming year new electives and courses will be added to the Drive such as Chinese 1 and 2. Each year, students should acquire eight credits, and by senior year should have 32 credits. Course registration started February 22nd with rising seniors and will end April 1st for all rising 10th graders.“I feel so excited because being a sophomore is going to be pretty exciting and I do feel a little bit nervous but overall excited” (Carolina Flores Lopez, Freshman 2021-2022 school year). All registration information can be found on the Athens Drive Website under student services and by clicking on class registration.


Links: – Student Services Website – Links students need to graduate high school