A Reflection on Senior Year

It’s hard to say goodbye.

Ava Darden, Editor in Chief

Tasked with the duty of writing my final senior column, I have no choice to both visit the tired issue of our mutual quarantine as students and citizens of the united states, as well as to use first person to do so. It seems desperate times call for desperate measures. 

As someone who didn’t initially want to go to Athens, I have found myself overwhelmingly grief-stricken as I realize I never got the chance to say goodbye. It’s really cheesy, reminiscent of all the girls on twitter that “peaked in high school”, all the people that get made fun of for having a hard time leaving, but I don’t blame them. I had a really great run.

There’s not much I can say that other seniors in other places and many of you have already said. But in the way of my personal experiences, it’s hard to think that there will be no more days of sitting in the back of  Surles’ class cracking jokes, no more Latin club coloring sheets, no more newspaper parties or student sections that jump so hard we break the bleachers.

I can’t help but also use this piece to thank the teachers that have worked so hard to ensure we continue to feel supported, as well as giving us a real end to the school year. One of the best parts of what makes Athens, Athens, are teachers that are truly passionate about what they do.

It’s hard to say goodbye. It’s hard to think that all the stupid, funny, stuff we’ve done is already in the past. However, the unique and bright futures on all our horizons should act as a beacon of hope to get us through the days ahead. Let’s all do everything we’ve ever wanted to do this summer.