Insect populations around the world are facing an apocalypse

Madeline Vessey, Editorial Editor

March 26, 2019

Just about everyone has heard of the save our bees campaign that began in the early 2000s which brought the decline of the bee population to light, along with the benefits of maintaining it. Though this campaign being brought into the spotlight has been incredibly helpful ...

Improving gene editing techniques brings moral implications to light

Madeline Vessey, Editorial Editor

March 25, 2019

In November 2018, He Jiankui reported that he had been the first to successfully edit the genes of two human babies who would have been born with HIV to be resistant to the disease using with a technique called CRISPR Gene Editing. However, his experiment has caused a...

People must understand the opposition before passing judgement

Hunter Gill, Editor in Cheif

December 17, 2018

I am a Republican. But I, along with the vast majority of Republicans, do not support sending bombs to opposing politicians. Or shooting 11 people in a synagogue. Or the preaching of hate. Every time a right-wing psychopath co...

How can we break the cycle of a toxic political culture?

Ava Darden, Design Editor

November 27, 2018

In June of 2017, a contributor to the Huffington Post published an Article titled : “I Don’t Know How to Explain to You that You Should Care About Other People.” Most likely the initial purpose of the article was to criticize...

Change throughout high school is beneficial

Raven Barton, Editor-in-Chief

May 8, 2018

As a scrawny middle schooler, my expectations for high school were set very low by my teachers who told me that it would be a lot stricter and there would be no test corrections when I would fail my math tests. However, whe...

Journalism is more than just entertainment

Raven Barton, Editor-in-Chief

January 10, 2018

Journalism has been around in the United States since the Publick Occurrences, the first newspaper published by North American Colonies in 1690. As the years have gone on, less and less people have been reading printed newspapers...

NFL must continue to improve player safety

Hunter Gill, Sports Editor

January 8, 2018

The 2017 NFL season has been marred by injuries to some of the game's biggest stars,  highlighting the current, dangerous state of football. During the Dec. 4th football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Ben...

Saying Goodbye To Athens Drive Sports

Daulton Bahm, Former Sports Editor

May 23, 2017

After having some sort of connection to Athens Drive High School sports for the last 15 years, it is almost time for me to say goodbye. While I am not athletic enough to actually play sports, I have attended numerous athletic...

The Real Lessons Learned in High School

Dana Shefet, Editor-in-Chief

May 10, 2017

Day after day, year after year, parents kiss their children goodbye as they head off to grade school. This June, 400 Athens Drive seniors will walk across the Raleigh Convention Center stage in a moment of fame when receiving...

Be Happy with You

Dana Shefet, Editor-in-Chief

March 31, 2017

“So, what are you going to do after graduation?” It is a question that has taken many forms throughout our lives. As kids, people asked us what we wanted “to be” when we grew up. At the beginning of high school, we be...