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A change of pace: Boshoff’s first year

Photos by Brady Jones
Amanda Boshoff watches over students during lunch period with healthful living teacher Tommy Smith. Boshoff can regularly be found around the building engaging with staff and students.

As the first semester of the 2023-24 school year comes to a close, it seems that students and teachers have settled back into the rhythm of Athens Drive. For Athens Drive’s newest principal, Amanda Boshoff, adapting to the school has been more complex and challenging. During her very first semester of teaching and learning at the Drive, Boshoff first set goals to familiarize herself with the school community and analyze what improvements could be made.

“It’s really important for me to- especially this year- get through a full cycle of the year to really weigh all the systems, instructions, and kind of do a needs assessment to see if any changes need to be made or if things are going well the way they are,” said Boshoff.

Despite her planning, there have been some speed bumps during Boshoff’s first semester. Boshoff sustained a leg injury in September due to a hiking incident in Arizona. In the months following the injury, Boshoff would ride around school on her motorized wheelchair so she could continue to be involved with school activities.

“I think my injury has slowed me down a little bit as far as just coming in here and being able to go up and down the stairs. The building is huge, making it around to all the classrooms [is difficult] because it’s quite a distraction to move into a classroom with my scooter,” said Boshoff.

Even though the injury has restricted her access to some parts of the school, Boshoff is expecting to make a recovery soon and continue to connect with the entirety of the building.

“I’ve lost the scooter this week, so I am upright now and hope to be around a lot, visiting the mods and all the places I haven’t been able to visit,” said Boshoff.

In the search for a new principal in the 2022-23 spring semester, some Athens Drive students were interviewed by WCPSS superintendents to gather insight on qualities students want to see in a new administrator. Connor O’Toole, senior at Athens Drive, shares what he had hoped to see in a new principal.

“I wanted the new principal to be more visible and present among the students and I definitely have seen that this year, I have been to a couple of induction ceremonies and she [Principal Boshoff] has been to all of them,” said O’Toole.

Boshoff has been involved with the Athens Drive community both in and outside of school. O’Toole is especially grateful for Boshoff’s involvement with the athletics department so far.

“Something special about Mrs. Boshoff was that she went to the Athens Drive ultimate frisbee states, and that’s not even a popular sport at Athens, but she still came to that and announced their results over the intercom,” said O’Toole.

Grace Edwards, senior at Athens Drive, also took notice of Boshoff’s community interaction. Many students were worried when former Athens Drive principal Steven Mares announced his departure because of his seemingly irreplaceable focus on establishing a tight relationship with the school.

“I hoped she would live up to Mares because he was also very involved; so far she’s been to a couple of outside of school performances,” said Edwards.

This involvement has been a top priority for Boshoff, going along with her goal to connect with the Athens Drive environment. Whether it’s visiting teachers throughout the day, staying after school to see different clubs, or traveling to attend athletic events, Principal Boshoff is making sure she is seen as a fellow Jaguar.

“It’s really important for us as staff members, and especially me as the principal, to support all of the things our students are doing,” said Boshoff.

Principal Boshoff is settling into her new role at Athens Drive, while staff and students are starting to adjust to the new leadership style. While school management is an important aspect of being a principal, Boshoff first aims to establish a bond with students.

“I think that it’s really fun to see students not only in the classrooms and doing the things that we’re here to do everyday, but all of the other things that make Athens Drive a great place,” said Boshoff.

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