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Courtesy of Ava Seay
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As the school year fades to an end, many graduates are leaving the Athens Drive community to begin searching for their passions. While some...

Brady Jones has an on-stage-cameo as security guard in production called I Hate Shakespeare. Photo provided by Lauryn Webb
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Jayvon Coleman at Athens Drive
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Rachel Huffman, a cheerful senior at a companions home having a fun time with friends and her digital camera, at a get together.
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Skylar Moore at graduation rehearsal with fellow students.
Senior Spotlight: Skylar Moore
Rowan Bissett, Assistant Sports Editor • June 4, 2024

June 8, 2024, Athens seniors will walk the stage, take their diplomas, and finally finish high school. One of those Seniors is Skylar Moore,...

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A new beginning: Boshoff’s first year

Photos by Elizabeth Luna
Susan McGraw and Leya Arikat flaunt Athen’s gear as they give a detailed tour of the school. The pair steps up to aid in making certain the Magnet evaluators from Magnet Schools of America have a positive experience.

Amanda Boshoff, Athens Drive’s newest principal, is ending off her first year on a high note. After a long year of getting to know the Athens Drive community, Boshoff accepted the 2024 Dr. Ronald P. Simpson Magnet School of Merit Award of Excellence. Presented by the Magnet Schools of America (MSA) in New York City, this award is considered the most prestigious award for magnet schools. Boshoff and Athen Drive students are anticipating that this award will create a bright outlook for the future of Athens Drive. 

Melissa Castaneda Garcia shows one of her talents through painting. Magnet evaluators were highly impressed by the student’s skills. (Photos by Elizabeth Luna)

“I’ve learned so much during my first year at Athens, especially about how much we have going on here- how much opportunity there is for students to find their passions and how much the adults here work to support them,” said Boshoff. 

Boshoff has taken her first year to step back and evaluate the community and understand where improvements could be made. The MSA award could be a major opportunity for Boshoff to efficiently institute those improvements through new programs. 

“I think it is going to be a huge bonus for Athens since we’ve gotten the award. There’s already been a lot of interest in people transferring here and coming here to see what we’ve got to offer. That award also came with a monetary prize that will help us fund some instructional program opportunities and training for teachers,” said Boshoff. 

Earning the MSA award was achieved through the hard work of students, staff, and the community as a whole. There was a lot of behind-the-scenes work during the school evaluation visit to showcase Athens in the best possible light. The award is also a recognition of the hard work of the community over the past few years under the leadership of former principal Steven Mares. 

Magnet evaluators and Athens staff gather around students testing out a device. Being a magnet school, Athens has more access to educational technology compared to non-magnet schools. (Photos by Elizabeth Luna)

“We’re the number one magnet school in America! It’s been a lot of work this year, especially kudos to our magnet coordinator, [Terrill] Hardenstein, who did a lot with the application for that award. When it came down to the visits, all the teachers, staff, students, and administration pitched in to help show everybody how great Athens Drive is. I also recognize that because it is my first year, the award is a testament to the community and culture that has been built over the many years, so definitely everyone who has been a part of Athens Drive certainly shares in that award, especially Mr. Mares,” said Boshoff. 

Students have felt a sense of pride because of the recognition of their work to improve their school community. Senior Kennedy Truitt has been heavily involved in the improvement of Athens Drive over her last four years of leading programs such as the Black and Brown Student Union. 

“The award as a student and as a student leader to me means that not only did we address and have the humility to address problems but we took the steps to solve them,” said Truitt. 

Luke Haltom focuses on a project for health science. Athens Drive has a large population of students who are a part of the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA). This organization teaches students with intentions of going into the Health Science field. (Photos by Elizabeth Luna)

It is incredibly rewarding to be able to leave the school in a better place than when you first started freshman year. But, to think of what the students of today have inspired the students of tomorrow to accomplish is even more fulfilling. 

“It’s not even a legacy honestly, it’s not a curse breaking, it’s more of a cycle starting . . . I’m ready to see the evolution of everything and I’m ready to see what the next generation will bring forward. So I’m not leaving anything behind, I just planted a seed,” said Truitt.

Part of this future is the renovation of the school facility. Athens Drive is slated to receive a major facility update, with groundbreaking expected to start in July 2026. Students are not currently expected to have to relocate during construction, but some classes may have to share space until completion around July 2028. 

“We’re still in the super early phases of the school renovation, but the school board has set aside 79 million dollars to renovate Athens Drive. We’re not quite sure if that is going to be completely demolishing the school but we do know that certain parts are slated to be completely demolished. Among those are the gym area, band room, chorus room, auditorium, and the cafeteria. They’re also looking at putting up a big building with about 25 classrooms to get rid of all of our modulars and trailers. And, they’re looking at making some improvements to Jag Stadium including having a full-sized practice field,” said Boshoff.

While this may cause a hectic schedule for staff and students, it is ultimately going to improve productivity and the longevity of Athens Drive. This project will be a major concentration for Boshoff as there will be a lot of moving pieces to get things just right.

“I think it’ll be great for the students and staff at Athens to have nice, new, state-of-the-art facilities that match what other new high schools in the area have,” said Boshoff. 

Lindsay Grant and Vivian Overton use teamwork to propel their project. The project takes place in a newer class called “Project Invent” which focuses on students working together to make a valuable project for the community. (Photos by Elizabeth Luna)

This year, Principal Boshoff has done a lot of work to understand the intricate, niche aspects of the Athens Drive community. Furthermore, The Dr. Ronald P. Simpson Magnet School of Merit Award of Excellence has been a significant point of motivation for students to recognize that their accomplishments are being seen, especially on a national level. While this has been a successful year of teaching and learning, Boshoff knows there is a lot of work still to be done. Staff and students are hopeful that all of the excitement will ultimately be an opportunity for increasingly outstanding achievements. 

Boshoff's First Year

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