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Annual Charity Dodgeball tournament raises record amount for BackPack Buddies

Photos by Lauryn Webb
The Geebers celebrate their championship win after an intense match. The Charity Dodgeball Tournament raised money for BackPack Buddies. Photos supplied by Lauryn Webb

Athens Drive is known to host many traditional sporting events including volleyball and basketball. But recently Athens hosted an unorthodox athletic event: The annual dodgeball tournament took place in the Athens Drive gym on Friday, Dec. 15. 

The annual dodgeball tournament is an exciting and unique event that allows students to compete against each other and show off their dodging skills. However, the main purpose of hosting the event is to benefit a local charity called BackPack Buddies, a program designed to help get nutritious meals to kids who are food insecure. 

“I’ve done the dodgeball tournament every year I’ve been here. It’s nice that we’re helping charity but also having a lot of fun together,” said Paul Harrell, junior. 

Several sports teams of Athens show up to support the cause. The Athens Drive baseball team is a team that always comes to compete in the tournament. This year, the baseball team made three dodgeball teams, Theta One, Theta Two, and Theta Three. While the baseball team was separated into different dodgeball teams, they clapped and supported each other during the tournament.  

While athletes participated, including members of the softball, lacrosse, football, track, and basketball players, you didn’t have to be a part of an Athens sports team to participate. Many students played just to support a good cause.

“It feels really good to know that we’re helping people that need it, I think it’s great that Athens does charity stuff like this,” said Harrell. 

While playing was fun for the players, the spectators also are entertained. The fee for the spectators to get into the event is five dollars in cash. All of the proceeds went towards BackPack Buddies. This year, the dodgeball event was able to contribute 600 dollars to BackPack Buddies, more than any of the previous dodgeball tournaments. 

“I always have fun watching it. A lot of the time it’s really funny and interesting to see the competition between the teams,” said Allison Heard, junior. 

The tournament is structured in a bracket form. Throughout the tournament, a team would have to win three games in order to win the championship. This year, The Geebers, consisting of all seniors, were crowned the champions of the tournament. First The Geebers played Theta Two. After winning that match, they went on to play Theta One. Finally, The Geebers secured their championship win with a back-and-forth match against Thug INC.

“There was good competition this year, I think next year is our year for the championship though,” said Harrell. 

The annual dodgeball tournament not only benefits charity but allows participants and spectators to enjoy themselves. Athens Drive will continue to host this event in the years to come. 

“It was a great tournament. I was really happy to hear how much money we raised for BackPack Buddies,” said Lauryn Webb, junior. 

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