Surfing and Athens Drive

Carlos Banegas, Editorial cartoonist, Staff writer

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With summer arriving soon, ideal summer sports are beginning to become more relevant. One of these sports is surfing.

Surfing is the sport or pastime of riding a wave toward the shore while standing or lying on a surfboard. Surfing originated in Hawaii where men and women surfed on boards made of wood. Surfing in Hawaii was not a thing for just the poor or wealthy. Surfing was and is an activity for all social classes.

“I do like surfing. It’s a favorite sport of mine,” said Lilianna Healey, freshman.

Athens Drive is home to an abundant amount of surfers whether they are students or teachers as well as many potential surfers.

“Heck yea, it makes a great activity to do in the summer and I do it all year round,” said Healey.

Surfing is an activity many students at Athens Drive do in the summer to have fun to compete or to relax. Although surfing is a sport typically done in the summer, it can still be done in all seasons.

“I surf because it’s something I don’t do often, and you can always have a good time with whoever you’re with, even if your not good at surfing, you

still feel good when you’re in the ocean. I would say to anyone who wanted to try surfing to definitely do it,” said Healey.

Surfing is an old sport that dates back to the ancient history of Hawaii. It is a sport that no matter the skill level is worth trying. However,

 surfing is not the safest sport in the world.

“Yes there are downsides to surfing like the chance of no waves, sharks and occasional  wipe outs,” said Healey.

In 2020, surfing is set to become an olympic sport. Surfing will make its debut as an olympic sport in Japan. The inclusion of surfing into the Olympics is due to the International Surfing Association. Many attempts have been made to include surfing into the olympics and now it has been done. The event is set to take place

at the Shidashita beach 40 miles outside of the capital of Japan, Tokyo.

“I think surfing becoming an olympic sport would actually be pretty cool,” said Jacob Beckstead, freshman.

Surfing has taken interest in many people at Athens Drive, but not all people.

“Honestly, I personally would not want to try surfing even though I do think it’s a cool sport,” said Heeba Shaikh, freshman.

All in all, surfing has and will continue to be a prominent sport for any man or woman throughout the world.

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