Athens Drive High School celebrates Valentine’s Day with singing valentines

One group of choir students (pictured) sing Our Song for a student during English Class. This group and many other groups of  choir students spend Valentines Day singing for students.
One group of choir students (pictured) sing ‘Our Song’ for a student during English Class. This group and many other groups of choir students spend Valentine’s Day singing for students.
Photos by Patricia Hornick

If you’ve had the opportunity to roam the halls of Athens Drive this Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably seen both staff and students wearing shades of red and pink- many even carrying bouquets or giant teddy bears. While students celebrate this Valentine’s Day, many clubs and organizations held activities and events to set the mood in school, one of those groups being the Athens Drive Choir.

“We wear pink, red, whatever you’ve got!” said Margaret Sockett, one senior who participated in singing with the Athens Drive Choir for this year’s singing valentines.

The choir spends the day out of class as they serenade students who have been sent Singing Valentines by their friends, purchasing a song in their name. A variety of love songs like Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’, ‘Our Song’ by Taylor Swift, and ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction are some of the most popular selections, to name a few.

Patricia Hornick

“We choose stuff as a group that’s cheezy fun lovey songs, you want to sing something that’s fun and upbeat,” said Sockett. 

“I tell them to pick songs that they think their peers will buy…I listen to each group and give them pointers and tips,” said Erin Santa-Croce, chorus teacher.

There are several love songs to choose from; however, the choir chose something that listeners could bop their heads along to, not a song that would make them cry. 

“We looked through our phones, see what works what doesn’t… something that’s not super serious like Celine Dion; we want it to be lighthearted,” said Kimorah Woodruff, another choir student.

Several groups from the choir class are involved, and several weeks of planning are necessary to make the event happen.

“It took a few weeks of preparation before. There is composing, teamwork was definitely a struggle but we got there, getting along and working well together is a big part of it,” said Sockett.

Student reactions when getting serenaded vary greatly. Woodruff explained that a lot of that has to do with the nature of Singing Valentines.

“A lot of it is people going oh no! When I’m giving the card to the person they often don’t have any reaction at all! [They should] accept it and enjoy it!” said Woodruff. 

“A lot of people get it to embarrass their friend. It’s supposed to be silly and goofy,” said Sockett.

When the day of singing comes to a close, choir students celebrate their day of hard work. Raising hundreds of dollars for funding- and celebrating their thoughtful preparation with applause from the classes they perform in.

“It’s a lot of fun to do and you’re very happy when you’re done,” said Sockett.

“The money that we raise from Singing Valentine’s goes to our booster account… the whole purpose is to help support the chorus,” said Santa-Croce.

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