The best time to begin thinking about college is now


Elena Price, Features Copy Editor

In the fall of their senior year, many high schoolers are busy polishing their resumes and writing essay after essay. Some high schoolers consider college application season to be one of the most stressful times of their high school career.

Many students are now receiving acceptance letters and financial aids packets, all helping them decide where they would like to spend the next four years of their life. Students that have already gotten accepted into numerous schools share their views on the best way to approach the process.

“It was stressful when applying to so many schools,” says Kayleigh Ratashak, senior, on applying to her eight schools. “You really have to keep organized.”

Not all students have the same take on this process. Senior Keith Markovich was confident of his accomplishments in high school and his admittance into college. On a stress scale of one to ten, Markovich describes his application experience as a two.

“It was not stressful because I got it done early. I got all of my applications done before October 15th,” Markovich said.

Parents as well as students express different levels of stress across the country. Parents have a unique perspective of being able to see how their children are affected by the application process.

“It’s absurd this process has become so difficult and overwhelming. But we cross our fingers and trust that everything will work out in the end,” said Ann Hamilton, mother and writer in the Huffington Post.

Parents are not the only adults that are capable of helping push students toward their college aspirations. For years, counselors across the United States have been aiding some 20 millions college-pursuing students apply and afford going to college. Georganne Griffin, an Athens Drive high school counselor whom part of her job is to aid students through the application process, is more than happy to help ambitious students.

“We want to guide students in making good decisions, but we also want students to be prepared academically, socially and emotionally for life after high school,” said Griffin, who has been employed at Athens Drive for nine years. Griffin’s advice also echoes those of seniors that have completed the applications process: start as early as possible.

Griffin urges students to begin applying in August up until March. She stresses the importance of “rigor, rigor, rigor” in the courses that students decide to take throughout their high school career.

“It’s very important that students keep abreast of their school’s websites, keep in touch with their counselors, keep in touch with the colleges,” Griffin advises.