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Earlier this year, the Athens Drive student body got the chance to pick out twelve males from the senior class that they thought exemplified the qualities of Mr. Musical, Mr. Cute, Mr. Individualistic, and/or Mr. Spirited for this year’s Gradman competition.

Gradman is like a pageant for male seniors. The Athens Drive event helped donate to 1 out of 12 charities that the contestants chose, like St. Judes, Boys and Girls Club of America, Fill Your Bucket List Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Make-A-Wish, by the end of March 18.          “Gradman is an intimately close group of guys sharing an experience that guys like Brad have only dreamed of,” said Mr. Individualistic, Jake Mitchell.

“Women are too much drama” said Christopher Remaley. Although this is a male based event, females escorted the males to Gradman and helped with raising money.

“The time machine video was my favorite part” said John Thomas, sophomore. The event began with a time travel video as they “picked up” all the contestants. The contestants were Max Gowan, Bronson Boucher, Jake Mitchell, Shamar Lamb, Poojan Mehta, Cole Teander, Keivone Bidgel, Conor Gronbach, Mitchell Johnson, Peyton Elder, Yasser Abdul, Brad Barfield and Chase Textor as Team Handsome.

The throwback themed event seemed to please many people.

“I thought it was really good and the guys worked really hard” said William Sideris, senior.

The event ended with Mitchell Johnson being crowned as Gradman of 2015 and World Wildlife Fund as the winning charity.