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Humans of Athens Drive: Jazmin Alavarez Soto

Photos by Gianna Dapuzzo
Jazmin Alavarez Soto, sophomore at Athens Drive High School.

Her full name is Jazmin Alavarez Soto but some of her friends like to call her “Jaz”. The 16 year old sophomore at Athens Drive High School, was on September 14, 2007. She was originally born in the “Sunshine State”, Florida. She was raised by her mom in the small city of Auburndale but moved to North Carolina at the age of 4 to live with her dad. The Alaverz Soto family consists of 5 children including herself.

Alavarez has two younger sisters, Carmen and Karla, a younger brother named Marcos, along with an older brother named Andres. Jazmine, Marcos, and Andres were all born in Florida, while her little sisters were born in North Carolina.

Despite the distance, she knows both sides of her family well but is closer to her mom’s side due to the fact of them living in the United States, while her dad’s family lives in Mexico. Alavarez feels fortunate to have met her only Aunt on his side but dreams of visiting Mexico someday. 

“All my family members on my dad’s side all talk about how beautiful the beaches are; hopefully, I get to visit it one day,” said Alavarez.

Alavarez’s favorite color is pink and she enjoys dystopian fiction movies including The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games. Since Alavarez grew up with younger siblings, she has always loved kids. Looking ahead in the future, she wants a job in healthcare and specifically wants to take on a career as an ultrasound technician. Taking on a job that is all about babies is something that Alavarez said she is practically “Destined for”.

Alavarez has dreams of living in South America but hasn’t taken any specific places into consideration yet due to the fact that there are so many that interest her, as she is a very explorative person and likes to travel along with capturing all the pretty things in pictures. 

“What I really like is those chill nights where you just stay in while it’s raining, relaxing,” said Alavarez.

Alavarez also has a love for cats, they are her favorite animal but she especially likes kittens.

“I have a soft spot in my heart for kittens, my favorite kittens are the ginger ones,” said Alavarez.

Socially, she values hanging out with friends and her best friend the most. Alavarez and her best friend first connected in the 4th grade and have been close ever since. They both hang out together by sharing a hobby of go-karting.

Alavarez’s story unfolds as she talks about her family ties, cultural connections, personal interests, friends and dreams. She has a kind spirit and everything she has gone through today has shaped her into the unique individual she is today. As she continues to grow, she can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

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