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Humans of Athens Drive: Mae Tipton

Mae Tipton pictured in a figure skating competition in May of 2023. The competition took place in Hillsborough, NC. (Photo courtesy of Danielle Woods)

Do you watch ATV every morning at the Drive? Well if you do, you may recognize the name Mae Tipton. Mae Tipton, junior at Athens Drive, is a hard worker for Athens Television, or ATV, but she also does much more than that. Not only is she a part of Athen’s ATV, but she also is taking multiple AP classes and has a 4.3 GPA. She also fills her days with teaching and practicing figure skating. Tipton does many many things every day and her days are usually full. 

“I’m literally just, I see something, I learn how to do it and I get good at it. That’s exactly what my mentality is like. I just love being able to do things,” said Tipton. Tipton goes above and beyond when it comes to her education as she is in multiple AP classes, while also working hard every day to make ATV great. ATV is a class offered at Athens with the goal of spreading the school news out to everyone who watches it during second period. This includes things like Athens Asks, getting involved with the community at Athens Drive, and figuring out what they can make stories about. Tipton herself thinks of herself as a very supportive member of the ATV team. 

“So when other people need support when they have questions, they can come to me because I’ve already done these things. Experience level wise and I just like being a supporting member,” said Tipton. 

Another opportunity Tipton took advantage of in school is she used her knowledge of cameras and recording equipment to record the school’s 2023 fall musical, Little Women. It was hard work, but she helped out the school because the original videographer was not able to do it this year.

Tipton prepping the lights in the Athens Drive Auditorium. This was taken while they were prepping for Tipton to record the fall musical.

“The person that normally recorded the musicals wasn’t going to do it this year so I kind of took the opportunity to do it myself and I committed to that project and it was awesome,” said Tipton. 

Outside of school, Tipton does many activities, she participates in teaching and practicing competitive figure skating, taekwondo, mock trial, skiing and snowboarding, and arts and crafts. Tipton is always on the go and has many hobbies. She is a passionate person and loves to learn and do the best she can in everything she does. 

“I also care deeply about my passions and the things I do, with ATV and video editing and with my figure skating and sports,” said Tipton. “I really enjoy the outlet and expression that they allow me to have and enjoy and how they’ve shaped the type of person I am today.”

One of Tipton’s favorite hobbies is competitive figure skating. She loves the feeling of being free and skating around the rink as much as she can. Even if this just means a couple of days a week, she is still super passionate about her sport. 

“I really enjoy the mental challenge. It provides me a very different feeling when you’re performing and like doing competitions and you’re out there all alone and you just have to wait for your music to play,” said Tipton. 

Tipton reading at Barnes and Noble while studying with a friend for shared AP US History class.

She tries to skate for herself multiple times a week, as well as coaching on Tuesdays and the weekends. She teaches many ages ranging from about 6 years old to even older than her. She loves coaching as she also coaches taekwondo on Wednesdays and Fridays. Even when coaching can be difficult. 

“There’s a lack of like, respect being like a younger girl, but it kind of makes it all the more satisfying. I think that’s part of why I do so many things is ’cause I want to prove people wrong,” said Tipton. “One of my biggest pet peeves is being underestimated, but I almost like it in a way because then it makes me work even harder.”

When asked what word Tipton would use to describe herself, she chose the word information. Tipton knows a lot of things throughout her very busy life and she loves to learn. If she finds something that is even remotely interested in something, she learns everything she can about it. 

“It’s just like meaningless information. But that’s kind of who I am. I like all of of my brain is just meaningless information that I’ve learned to apply to everything around me,” said Tipton. “All the skills I’ve learned, I never thought I would know before.” 

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