Humans of Athens Drive: Paul Harrell

Paul Harrell is a junior at Athens Drive. Photo Courtesy of Paul Harrell.
Paul Harrell is a junior at Athens Drive. Photo Courtesy of Paul Harrell.

Students all across Athens Drive High School come from different backgrounds and diversities that make them who they are. Paul Harrell makes a great example of someone who has a story that is worth sharing with other people. 

Paul Harrell is a junior at Athens Drive, and he enjoys some of the simpler things in life like being active. Whether it be through sports or general fitness, he finds health important and loves staying fit. Paul regularly plays sports like basketball and football, but mainly varsity baseball for Athens Drive and other organizations like The Performance Academy otherwise known as TPA.

“I’ve played baseball since I was like three, and I’ve been on varsity since freshman year, and I’ve been playing baseball competitively since I was eight. I like that it’s a team sport, you know, there’s 9 players on the field and everyone kinda feels like brothers,” said Harrell.

Outside of school, Paul enjoys things like fishing and hunting with his family, depending on what’s in season. He mainly hunts deer, turkeys, or other seasonal birds conditional to the season. Rifles are used for deer and shotguns are used for turkeys and other birds. Paul and his family always make sure that nothing goes to waste after a successful hunt.

Even though Paul has so many responsibilities, his academic performance doesn’t fall short. Paul likes doing well in his classes and even his general personality makes him personable to his peers, teachers, and coaches around Athens Drive.

“Paul is probably one of the kindest young men that I’ve met. He’s very pleasant and personable and always very respectful…He manages being a student-athlete and maintaining his academics,” said Harris.

Paul has many responsibilities in school and has to manage being a student and athlete at the same time. Having to manage those responsibilities is hard in itself, but Paul also finds time to play a good role in his family. Paul speaks very highly of his family but his mother in particular is someone whom he sees as a good role model to him.

“My mom, she’s super you know helpful, hardworking, and she’s super kind and everything, and she’s always there for me when I need her,” said Harrell.

Paul Harrell is a great example of someone who has managed to balance his academics, and family responsibilities easily. His passion for baseball further drives him to be a role model for his younger siblings and even other students to follow.

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