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Humans of Athens Drive: Eduar Salguero Soreano

Photos by Sophie King
Eduar Salguero Soreano (pictured) attends Athens Drive High School. Salguero Soreano works at a barbershop part-time.

For most, achieving a lifelong dream is something that doesn’t happen fast. It takes years to reach those goals. This wasn’t the case for Eduar Salguero Soreano, an Athens Drive student whose passion for cutting hair and strong work ethic have allowed him to achieve more than most can say at such a young age.

Salguero Soreano moved to the United States from Honduras in 2021 after political problems forced him away from his home country. After moving to North Carolina, he now studies as an English as a Second Language (ESL) student, as well as working part-time as a barber.

“I like [working at a barber shop] because my Dad worked at a barber shop too,” said Salguero Soreano. “It’s my dream completed early in life.”

Salguero Soreano didn’t always have that dream- as his life has changed, so have his life goals.

“When I was little, my dream was not to come to the United States. My dream was to be a barber, to work on a cruise ship,” said Salguero Soreano.

With a license from Honduras that allowed him to cut hair, Salguero Soreano found a part-time job as a barber. Often times he is not alone in his work; he is accompanied by friends and family who want to learn the craft of hair-cutting.

“I have friends that [come] to my barber shop, and they say, ‘Eduar, I want to learn’,” said Salguero Soreano. “When I’m working, I explain how I help the client. I teach them how to serve a client with respect, what things to say, and how to cut hair.”

Salguero Soreano is always ready to help people when he can, whether at work or school.

He amazes me every day with his helpful nature and strong work ethic. Eduar is quick to translate for friends and to ask questions so he understands more,

— Andie Faircloth, ESL teacher.

For most, picking up everything and moving to a new place with no common language is daunting. Still, Salguero Soreano remains optimistic and knows he will eventually reach a place of normalcy.

“It’s a little difficult for me to come to school. I feel like I can’t understand it or start thinking I can’t. I live with just my mom… maybe we don’t have some benefits like other people in the country,” said Salguero Soreano.

Through hard work and passion, Salguero Soreano is able to achieve more than most at his young age. With a part-time job that he loves and a culture to be proud of, Salguero Soreano shows his passion for life by caring for others.

“Eduar lights up when he shares about his family, friends, home country/culture, [and his] business. It is no wonder that he likes to cut and style hair for people. Being able to take care of someone, help them to look their best, is a passion for Eduar because he has a passion for people,” said Faircloth.

As he adjusts to life in the United States, Salguero Soreano is confident that he has a future in America and that his new dreams since moving are attainable.

“He is proud of his accomplishments (as he should be!) and aspires to own his own barber shop one day. I already know his clients are going to be well taken care of,” said Faircloth.

Salguero Soreano has approved his adaptiveness no matter what life throws at him. He has come so far in his new journey through his strong work ethic, passion for what he does, and appreciation of life.

“I have been living here for 2 years, and I am better at English. I think in another 2 years I will be [fluent],” said Salguero Soreano.


*Some interview quotes are translated from Spanish to English. 

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