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Humans of Athens Drive: Emma Traldi

Photos by Annalise Abete (Lisi)
Emma Traldi’s love for music has brought her miles, from Milan to Raleigh.

Emma Traldi is a junior at Athens Drive whose story is unlike many others. While Traldi was born in Milan, Italy, and she has spent the past four months in North Carolina as an exchange student. One thing that hasn’t changed by the over 4,000-mile journey is Traldi’s love for music.

“I remember when I first put my hands on a piano when I was ten,” said Traldi, “It changed my life.”

Since learning to play the piano at the age of 10, she has also learned to play the flute, ukulele, and guitar. Along with the many instruments that she uses, Taldi has also become interested in theatre.

“I auditioned for a musical in middle school, and when I got in, my piano teacher helped me so much,” said Traldi, “It’s because of her that I want to pursue music.”

Her piano teacher is not the only supportive musician that Traldi knows; all of her immediate family members have experimented with music as well.

“I definitely have a good relationship with my parents, we are all involved in music,” said Traldi, “And they are the type of parents who can let me do my own thing while still being parents.”

While her parents have always supported her in her musical ventures, only some have been so encouraging. In her hometown, many people didn’t art is not seen as something that can tie into a future career, making it lose priority. Traldi doesn’t see it that way, and many peers and teachers agree with her, seeing her music as something important. 

Emma Traldi thinks of herself as a positive and social person.

Someone who helped Emma Traldi become this person is Cheryl Hegarty, one of the school counselors. 

“My biggest helper here is my counselor Miss Hegarty, she’s amazing.”

But her biggest influence in life so far is her decision to leave home and study abroad for the semester.

“Being able to leave and come here has built me up and made me the person that I am,” said Traldi.

The person that Emma Traldi is can be found by what she thinks, does, says, and feels. Traldi is an exchange student from Italy, she is very engaged in all things musical at ADHS, and she loves the English language, so much that it was one of the reasons she decided to do her exchange in America. 

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