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Humans of Athens Drive: Adam Menouar

Photos by Ilyass Chabreg
Adam Menouar showing off his skills by lifting up a book with his foot, and then catching it.

Meet Adam Menouar, a 15-year-old freshman at Athens Drive High School and a talented soccer player. Menouar’s roots trace back to Morocco, but his life story unfolds in North Carolina. Soccer is not just a game for Adam, it’s a passion that creates his character both on and off the field.

Menouar lives by the principle of never giving up. For him, it’s more than a saying, it’s a lifestyle that fuels his strength. He believes in learning from mistakes and sees every missed shot or bad pass as a chance to grow. This view is a lesson of soccer and life, where mistakes create opportunities for improvement.

¨One of my principles is to never give up and I go by this because everyone messes up, but it’s what you do after to fix it that matters,¨ said Menouar.

An important moment in Menouar’s life happened during a soccer training session when his coach challenged him. Making him use his non-dominant foot and different style of play. However, the way his coach approached this new style led to frustration and tears. The coach later told Menouar he only does this to push him beyond his limits. This experience taught Menouar the value of perseverance, shaping his flexibility both on and off the field. 

¨A certain play and I just couldn’t get it right and he kept yelling at me in front of everyone, and I got furious with myself and started tearing up,¨ said Menouar.

Soccer isn’t just a hobby for Menouar, it’s a driving force that influences his daily routine. With his team training every day, he goes the extra mile, making sure to have personal training sessions to stay in the lead.

¨One of my interests is soccer and I have a team training every day but make sure I train after to get ahead,¨ said Menouar.

Family holds a special place in Menouar’s heart, explaining their relationship as a boomerang. Despite disagreements or distance, the strong bond always brings them back together. The importance of family ties shapes Menouar’s character and provides a crucial support system for his soccer dreams. 

¨I would compare my relationship with my family to a boomerang no matter how many times we push/throw each other away we always come back to each other,¨ said Menouar.

— Adam Menouar

Looking toward the future, Menouar dreams of playing for the Moroccan National Team. To achieve this goal, he follows a disciplined routine of daily training, maintaining a healthy diet, and putting in the hard work necessary to turn his dreams into a true reality. His aspirations are not just about personal achievement but also about being able to stand on the field representing his roots on the international stage.

¨My goal is to play for the Moroccan national team and to get there I train every day and eat right and make sure to put in the work that I want to do,¨ said Menouar.

In the complexities of Menouar’s life, principles like resilience, family bonds, and dedication to his passion for soccer make him who he is. As he continues his long journey, these values serve as a map, guiding him through challenges and giving him the push toward a future where his soccer dreams become achievements on the world-class stage.

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