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Student government conducts inclusive spirit week

Photos by Deevani Rodriguez
Athens drive spirit week banner posted in a hallway. Listed on the banner is the theme “destination”, reminding and encouraging students to participate in the event.

Due to high student demand, the 2022 spirit week brimmed with diversity, it urged students to participate in showing their school spirit.

Starting off the week with a teacher work day, Tuesday, september 27 was the first day of spirit week. Tuesday was Surf V. Ski. Wednesday, tacky tourist. Thursday, class day: class themes ranged from mountains, beach, jungle, and city.  Although, showing ADHS pride doesn’t just mean participating in spirit week, attending all classes on time or getting involved in extracurriculars such as sports or clubs also shows that pride.

“I love going to the football games and supporting the teams, I’m also looking forward to being on the basketball team and representing the school,” said Jackson Yancey, sophomore .

The diverse community at Athens ranges from race, personality and sexuality, so the student government continues to do their best to be as inclusive and not have the 2022 themes come off as offensive or not relatable to students. Unlike last years spirit week which students disliked so much, there was an alternate student made spirit week that more than half the school (students and teachers) participated in.

“My least favorite day last year was merica’ day which upset a ton of people I knew. Especially with everything going on in the world like.. But this year’s theme looks way more fun and looks like they took it into consideration,” said Salsabil Chabreg, student.

 Since the prior year’s spirit week got criticized for being “lame”, the student government strived for the theme, “Destination”, to be attainable and fun for every student here at Athens drive. The goal was to come dressed for a vacation to the given destination. 

 “Spirit week is about having some fun with suggested “dress-up” days and a chance for the school to come together as one. They are very inclusive- everyone likes a vacation,” said Christopher Remaley, teacher.

It’s important to students that they have their peers advocating for them and their opinions. Although the spirit weeks dress up options discussions were advised by adults, all the decisions were made by the students. The student government was fully in charge of how they wanted to improve this spirit week from the prior years. 

“Shout out to Mason Dancausse (our Student Body President) and the Executive Board for their leadership and guidance so far.  Been a great start to the year,” said Remaley.


Athens, unlike other schools, does not have a dance, therefore, this all lead up to the pep rally and Athens vs. Sanderson homecoming game. Voting and running for court shows a big part of school spirit, Athens counted on all of its students to lend support at homecoming, september 30. 

“I’m really for our team, I know a few people and they feel more pressured to win if they see more people in the stands,” said Chabreg, student.


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