Bye bye bus driver! (Satire)


Photos by Hannah Suehle

The bus loop at Athens. Busses are lined up, ready to take everyone home, all together, all on time.

A sharp honk of a car. The shrill sounds of children screaming. The crinkle of wrappers that will be left on the bus for you to clean up. Such is the bliss a bus driver gets to enjoy in their wonderful job driving children to and from school every day. Every morning starts at the ripe hour of 4:30, so you get to see those beautiful children’s faces early. Later in the afternoon, you get to enjoy having them around once again, and, much to anyone’s excitement, they will often be louder and more disrespectful to you. And you get to do all of this while toting them to and from a school building in a happy yellow bus. All this for 17 dollars an hour. All of these benefits make it seem too good to be true. And yet, people are leaving left and right. Why?

“I enjoy my job. I mean, we’re paid so well, I never want to look for anything else!” said Dryven Crayzee, who drives route B for Athens Drive high school. 

The drivers are paid $17.25, so if they work 6 hours all 5 weekdays during the school year, that would be a whopping $18,630 a year. Here in Wake County, that should get you a fantastic 1-bedroom apartment Truly a blessing in this housing economy. Other benefits that come along with the job are also very encouraging. 

“You know, it’s just a struggle feeling like you don’t deserve all the amazing benefits from such an easy job. It’s so easy just to drive a bus for the kids. They always stay plenty loud, it makes it so easy.” said Honka Horn, another bus driver for Wake County. 

This is a typical story to hear from bus drivers. ‘Impostor syndrome,’ as it is called, is a prevalent sentiment among bus drivers. They think that they are being paid so much that it starts becoming too much, and that the benefits should go to someone who needs the job more. The other perks, such as free training, flexible working days, and the gratification of students every day as you drop them off at their houses always will make for a wonderful day at their job. 

“I just hate feeling like I’m taking money away from other parts of the state’s budget. We get paid so much and it’s really not a hard job,” said Luv Bussez, who drives route G.

The bus drivers in Wake county are making big decisions and quitting their jobs.  They do a lot to get kids to and from school every day. We need to do the most to make bus drivers feel like they’re worth the money. So, next time you get on the bus, spill your Gatorade bottle for them to clean up. It’ll make them feel better!

Reality: Our bus drivers do, in fact, do a lot to help us out when they’re getting us to school and back home every day. They are barely paid enough to have a life and often take up second jobs to pay the bills. To make their lives better, try cleaning up your trash or keeping your feet out of the aisle. And don’t forget to thank them!