10 things to do under 10 dollars

It’s safe to say most high schoolers who have experienced the dullest moments of quarantine and uneventful weekends have all looked up ‘What to do in North Carolina when bored?’ only to find answers that involve too much planning or high-priced energy tickets. It’s your lucky day! Here are 10 ideas under 10 dollars:    

#1 Pullen Park

The oldest public park in North Carolina, Pullen Park, offers an array of fun things to do on a sunny day with prices ranging from ($1.00 to-1.50): kiddie boats, a train, and pedal boats. Pullen Park is home to many fun things.  Pullen Park offers a carousel that is only 1 dollar each time you ride it. Don’t stop at aesthetic pictures on a carousel or romantic rides with your boo, though. To take things a step further, beforehand eat as much junk food and for 10 dollars go on the carousel 10 times and try not to get sick as a fun way to test your limits.


#2 Kiddie Pool

What’s even better than a day in the park? Bring the park to your backyard! For just $10, at your local target, you can buy a kiddie pool and go chill out under the sun. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen! With the weather now heating up, the UV is getting higher, which means it’s the perfect time to buy a kiddie pool.


#3 Milk Challenge

For those who love adventure, are looking for a workout, or simply enjoy seeing the world burn, this next one is for you. To change it up a little bit, if you are up for the challenge, go buy yourself half a gallon of milk and run a mile. As a benefit, this is a vegan-friendly option too! Feel free to replace the half gallon with almond milk. You are probably wondering what does the milk have to do with running? The challenge is to chug the milk and run a mile without getting sick. If you have no idea why this option is available, you’re not alone. But perhaps that’s the fun in it! What’s the worst that could happen? As a bonus, bring some friends with you and see who makes it farthest for some healthy competition.

#4 Amateur Photographer

Let us switch up the pace a little bit: if you are into art and like taking photos, this is the one for you. Go to the North Carolina art museum, take out your camera and see how great you would look as someone from the 1500s. Recreate all the sculptures and paintings. Have fun with it, and make it a competition between you and your friends. This is all for free. 

North Carolina Museum of Art, 2110 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607

#5 Thrifty Fashion Show

Who doesn’t love shopping? Especially sustainable shopping! Go to the nearest thrift shop with your best friends and style each other, but sprinkle a little spice on it. Put together some categories, for example, something you would wear to a music festival, a school dance back in the 80s, and other fun stuff like that. You and your friends have to pick out each other’s outfits and have a fashion show with them.

#5 Chopped

It’s a universal experience to open the pantry and see you have nothing that you want to eat, you may not want to drive or spend money. You and your friends have a makeshift Chopped. “What is Chopped?” some may ask. Chopped is a head-to-head competition between people who have the same ingredients and have to make a meal out of it and are judged on who makes the best meal. You and your friend are going to gather 10 ingredients and make a creation in under 30 minutes and judge who did it better. 

#6 Athens Got Talent

I wanna scream and shout and let it all out, and dance the night away, maybe you want to do the same. Download iMovie and put together a music video, add some fun edits, and make it unique to you. To make it better… make Instagram casual again and post it on Instagram!

#7 Cary Cribs

To follow the train of making videos, if you know MTV you can make an MTV welcome to my crib video. You don’t have to show off your “crib.” Make it fun and different, show off something that is interesting to you, add your own spice, and make multiple MTV videos. Share it with others.

#8 Showcase your friends

If you can’t see your friends but still want to interact with them these last two ideas are for you.

You and your friends think of some fun topics. For example, your friends as Shrek characters, everyone’s worst ex, everyone’s love languages, etc. Go on Google Slides and gather you and your friends together and create funny PowerPoints and share them over zoom or in person.

#10 Super slumber party

For those who prefer night-outs spent in the comfort of their own homes, this idea is the one for you.  It may be super late at night and you want to hang out with your friends but can’t, a late-night Zoom game night is perfect. Some fun games to play are “read my lips,” charades, trivia, and Pictionary.

10 options for under 10 dollars to keep you and your friends busy over the summer. If you do any of these fun ideas, submit them to the Athens Oracle. Have fun and add your own spice to these ideas.