The joy of Athens Drive hallways

Elegant spotless staircase helps students get to class. The hundreds of steps that pass through the staircase helps give a great met gala look. (Photos by Jose Garcia)

Coming into high school, students often dream of having classes with their best friends, going to prom, and sharing wonderful memories. However, sometimes the biggest shared experience amongst high schoolers is the joy of Athens hallways.  Once during entry and various times throughout class changes and, at last, during dismissal. Hallways are what keep the drive in Athens Drive High School. 

The hallways are graceful and a place where students can commune with each other. It is so graceful that at every busy intersection you can see a loving couple kissing and stopping in the middle of the hallway which gives a student the chance to bring out their main character vibes. 

The hallways are excellent and safe to walk through to get to class. If a student were to stop or fall in the middle of the hallway there would only be a 75% chance that they would be trampled, but it is all in a day’s work.

Elegant spotless staircase helps students get to class. The hundreds of steps that pass through the staircase helps give a great met gala look. (Photos by Jose Garcia)

The hallway floors are a great source of exercise. From students who run from class to class to avoid the peaceful traffic to the football practice where students get by tackling each other to keep the flow of traffic moving, and the escalating of the stairways.

 “There is so much room and space to move around and the people are just lovely,” said (trampled, Nancy)


The hallway floors are unique to the Drive. The students at the Drive help keep a distinctive look on the hallway tiles. From the weird orange stains that are on the staircase leading up and down from the math and science hallways to the wondrous clay that stains the floor from the students coming in from the modules, and trailers. The students help maintain an uneven look with the missing tiles by the cafeteria which helps give the drive an ”I like it, Picasso” feel.

 “The interior design by the hallways gives you a 70s look which is great for TikTok trends in today’s society,” said Jamie

Historical documents hanging in the main office hallway. The classy and archival documents hanging plus the 70s tile and brick give out rustic vibes. (Photos by Jose Garcia)

The most wondrous hallway at the Drive for most students is the math hallway. The constant stopping of friend groups and couples in this hallway gives the math hallway its unique charm. The math hallway is an attraction of some healthy sometimes physical squabbles, but it helps create roundabout practice. 

The hallways are great for teaching students to drive in some hard circumstances. The stressful U-turns, and learning how to merge on a major highway during the highest concentrations of traffic are some examples. Sometimes someone might have a crash, but hey mistakes are mistakes.  When it’s on purpose, at least you get to practice with crazy drivers and you know who you need to stay away from on the road. This really gives a different perspective to the word drive in Athens Drive

 This is just one perspective: students at the Drive all have extraordinary experiences in the hallways.

“The hallways are a great historical experience and it is cool since it feels like you are in the movie Back To The Future,” said Marty McFly

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