The transformation of Miley Cyrus

Daria Al-Khalidi , Copy Editor

A couple of years ago, when people heard  the name Miley Cyrus, they often would associate her with Hannah Montana. Now, Cyrus has a new look to go along with her new personality. Pop icon Cyrus has stirred up controversy over this new experimental style of hers, along with her VMA performance and VEVO music video.

At age 11, Cyrus auditioned for the Disney TV series called “Hannah Montana.” Cyrus entered the mainstream media spotlight at the age of 13, when she acquired the role of the main character, Hannah Montana. For the next five years that the show ran, Cyrus was known by her fans as Hannah Montana.

In 2012, two years after the series Hannah Montana stopped running on Disney, Cyrus revealed her new look to the public. In August of 2012 Cyrus got a blonde pixie cut, cutting off roughly eight inches of her long locks. This put Cyrus’s name in the media’s headlines once again. However, this was not the last time Cyrus’s name would brought up in the media. In Sept. 2013, Cyrus shocked the crowd at the VMAs with her performance to her song called “We Can’t Stop.” During this performance Cyrus twerked numerous times, earning a shocked facial expression from multiple celebrities in the crowd.

With Cyrus’s name already in the headlines, she posted her music video to the song “Wrecking Ball” on YouTube. Cyrus set the record as the video with most views on YouTube within a 24 hour time span with 19 million views.This video sparked controversy over the nudity and graphic scenes.

“I honestly love Miley. Her new album is amazing. Sometimes I do not like her choices, but I know it is just a business strategy. Some call her a strategic hot mess, so you can see that all her strategies are working. As a society we feed off drama and she provides that. In my opinion if she keeps making amazing music I don’t care what she does,” said Sayna Ghaghchy-Seisan, senior.

Students at Athens share different opinions over Cyrus’s recent transition. A poll was conducted and 15 people were asked what their opinion is on Cyrus; 7 people said that they don’t care about what Cyrus does, 5 people think that she is a bad role model to her previous Hannah Montana fans, and 3 people said that they love her.

“I think it is stupid to waste time to worry about what a celebrity does with her life. Let Miley do her,” said Max Gowan, junior.