Name a better wifi… you can’t

Hot tamales loving student shows her connection with the wifi at athens. Teacher girlbossing in the back.

Photos by Nora Richards

Hot tamales loving student shows her connection with the wifi at athens. Teacher girlbossing in the back.

School wifi has always been exemplary. Throughout elementary and middle school, wifi has been mediocre, but in high school, internet connection truly exceeds expectations. Out of the three, high school has the most students using the shared internet at the same time. This is why the wifi is such a priority to administration.

 Everyone attended school through remote learning during quarantine. One would assume people would get tired of it, but no, teachers loved remote learning so much, they just could not let it go. 

Even post pandemic, when we have in-person learning, teachers choose to give us work online. This means more than 20 devices in each classroom will need to connect to a strong efficient internet connection. There is no better host for providing this amazing internet than school wifi. 

“Doing everything online is so much easier. I don’t even teach anymore,” said Eyehayt Myjob, teacher.

Myjob is a strong believer in online learning. He uses the “sharing is caring” method for learning. This is when a teacher is so eager to teach that instead of taking advantage of the time they have in person, teach the class through virtual methods, like class recordings. 

Although Myjob believes this is a very exciting way of teaching, not all teachers agree. Some teachers do the complete opposite. Rather than using the “sharing is caring” method, some teachers use the “get lost” method. This is when teachers spend their precious planning time finding school appropriate websites and making google docs to have their students fill out for classwork while the teacher can finally have a break from all the work they do at home. The best part about this method is that you can always count on the internet to work when you need it to. With about 1,000 other people at the same time, it can not help but work efficiently. 

Even the students love these methods of teaching.

“Independent or working as a class, I completely grasp and understand every bit of the lesson,” said Em Patient, student.

Patient, as well as other students, find that listening to music during work time helps them focus on their work.“[The wifi] is particularly the best when I want to listen to music. The lagging truly adds to the out of world experience” says Patient.

There is an adrenaline rush when you are independently working and the teacher says you can listen to music. You pull out your headphones and press play, only for the music to finally finish loading when you’ve finished all your work. Or better yet, when it works right off the bat but starts lagging mid chorus. 

“I love waiting to find out how good the wifi is going to be. It really helps me focus on my work,” said Patient.

Amidst all the hype on how good the wifi environment is, students and teachers can not help but wonder, how the wifi is so good in high school. The only answer has to be that the school only wants the best for the students and their education, so they make internet connection the number one priority at the school, never settling for anything less than the utmost quality internet for the students and faculty here at The Drive.