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Unique Horror Movie to watch this Fall

This is a similar cabin to the one in the movie.
Photos by Isabel Schmidt made on Canva
This is a similar cabin to the one in the movie.

Most scary movies lack difference and all blend together in your brain after a while. If you are looking for something you will remember, you should try Mike Flangan’s“Hush.” It is a harrowing thriller that follows a deaf, mute writer through one of her many nights in a small cabin. The movie starts off as a predictable evening for Maddie, who lives by herself in the middle of the forest. She is cooking dinner.


Back to the window, fixated on her food, Maddie is oblivious to surrounding dangers.Then we see her friend sprint up to her window crying and screaming with fear. Maddie has her back to the window the whole time. A man with a white face mask paces closer and closer to the window. He stabs her friend repeatedly, killing her. Maddie stays completely unaware of the murder happening behind her.


Here we see the killer realize that Maddie is deaf and mute. He taps the window a couple more times to make sure. He then drags her friend’s body away.This is just the beginning of the masked killers’ reign.


She sits down on her couch with the intention of finishing her book, but she’s stuck on the ending, so she decides to facetime her friend. They update each other about their lives using side language for about two minutes.


Her friend tells her that she thinks she saw something behind her.Thinking it’s her cat, Maddie gets up and walks around her house to find it. She doesn’t find it and comes back to the couch and sits down. She gets a text from her friend that was murdered in the beginning. It is a string of pictures of Maddie, sitting on the couch.  She is horrified and looks up slowly at the spot where the picture was taken. 


This movie is a must watch for thrill seekers and perfect for a halloween night. The movie gets more and more thrilling as it goes on, as we see Maddie fall deeper and deeper into what it seems like a hopeless hole.


The uneasy tone and setting of this movie also boost its value. It is always dark, and there is barely any talking. The movie is a short and sweet 89 minutes, but more than 75 percent of the movie is spent with no dialogue. This shows that it is not at all a “bloated” movie, meaning there are few useless scenes that are boring and add no value to the story. 

“I loved the fact that the movie was mostly silent. It made it more exciting because there was more action, and less talking,” said Basher Fannachi, sophomore.


The main character, Maddie (played by Kate Siegel) is an amazing actor that really allows you to step into her shoes throughout the whole movie. She has a lot of experience with horror movies and has starred in many others like Ojuia, Hypnotic,and Gerald’s game. Either you feel like you are her, or right there with her the whole movie. She makes some very smart decisions throughout the story that are pretty enternating as well. We also see her character develop as the movie progresses.


The movie stars John Gallagher Jr. as the unnamed killer. He is a mad man who wears a white face mask and carries a crossbow. The mask is a slightly disturbing smile with eye holes. He plays a game of cat and mouse with Maddie through the night, reminding her that he can kill her at any time. 


This takes a unique idea and builds a beautiful, suspenseful and chilling film. It is a must watch for everyone. 

“A unique and thrilling story that really has you on edge throughout the whole movie,” said Ashley Barkhau, sophomore.


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