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Athens participates in the brain game

The Brain Game is a series of questions in game show formatted to test the knowledge of its competitors. Every Saturday at 11:30 am on WRAL, high-schoolers are put to the test.

High school students, representing their schools from various districts across North Carolina, meet weekly with host Mark Roberts, a WRAL news reporter for two decades, for a chance to make it to the Brain Game Championship and win prizes.

All of the questions come from the High school curriculum; everything from English to Science to Math and more, including questions about pop-culture, politics and current events.  Participants are not required to take any classes in particular to make the final cut; questions will be gone over up until the competition at club meetings.

The Brain Game is comparable to a Quiz Bowl and Spelling Bee with a game show flare. The game show atmosphere, combined with a sports event mentality, gives it a competitive feel.

“I decided to participate because all throughout my childhood I’ve always been fascinated in learning new things.” said Sue Zhang, senior. Her favorite subjects are math and science with a little knowledge on art. Their goal wasn’t to compete, however. It was to expand their knowledge. ”I love to flourish my zeal for the pursuit of knowledge and quirky facts.”

When asked why students decided to participate in the Brain Game, Abbey Wood, a teacher at Athens Drive and coordinator of the ADHS Brain Game team, replied, “Some students do it to be on TV, while others do it for the trivia.”

Anyone interested in joining is welcome to stop by Wood’s room, 1610, during B lunch Friday for an audition for a chance to become part of the team. In the previous year, Wood claims there were about thirty students interested in joining the team.

Only three people will make it to the filming portion of the show with one substitute during commercial break. Everyone else who is a part of the club with be helping prepare the lucky few.

“If you are a junior this year then you have a chance of going to the studio to shoot the following year,” said Wood.

Seniors get first priority. Taping for the Athens Drive vs. Wakefield and Wayne Country Day High Schools begins November 2 at 10 a.m. and will be televised December 21 at 11:30a.m. on WRAL.

Last year the team consisted of Vraj Patel, John Nance, John Darges, and Jenny Nance who made it to the second round.The four seniors that will be on tv this year will be Nick Keith, Zoe Winton, Sue Zhang and Tracie Miner, all of which have high hopes that they will make it to the Championship.

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