Climate change tackles Texas


Photos by Pixabay

This picture captures what it would feel like to walk through a snow storm.

The world has experienced some traumatic incidents due to odd changes in global temperature, such as a loss of ice sheets and rising sea levels, which all adds to be the overall effect of climate change. Some scientists predict that the earth can not handle all of these changes, which will lead to the extinction of mankind if action is not taken. Some recent issues taking place right now are in Texas. An intense drop in temperature has caused serious amounts of snowfall which have caused loss in power. 

“I have family in Texas who lost power, heat, and water. They couldn’t go to school and they had to boil city water,” said Clare Roth, freshman at Athens Drive High School. 

Temperatures have been all over the board in Texas. Recently there was a huge snowstorm, but as of right now, temperatures have risen back up to normal, leaving Texans to experience August-like weather. 

Countless record cold temperatures were set. Conditions overwhelmed the Texas power grid, cutting off electricity to millions and bursting water pipes, creating a humanitarian crisis. The recent extreme weather was not limited to the U.S. When the jet stream is extreme in one region, it is often extreme all across the globe,” said an article provided by CBS news.

 NASA has provided records of global changes in regards to climate change. Some people think that these changes are not that big of a deal, while others think they are huge, and more matters need to be taken into consideration. 

“Global temperature has gone up 2.1 degrees F since 1880… Ice sheets down 428 billion metric tons per year… Sea level has risen 3.3 millimeters each year,” said an article provided by NASA.

Some people believe that more action needs to be taken towards the causes to help prevent climate change. 

“The decisions they (Paris Agreement)  made to come together and combat climate change were a start, but I still feel like more needs to be done,” said Skylar Moore, freshman at Athens Drive High School. 

The Paris Agreement was signed April 22, 2016. It was said to help support causes to stop and slow climate change by having countries work together and help each other towards the act.  The agreement was signed by the United Nations.

“I think it has shown a lot of people who didn’t believe in climate change see that it is in fact a real thing that needs to be dealt with,” said Clare Roth, freshman at Athens Drive High School.