Christmas movies are repeating the same story line every year

Richard Williams, Business Manager

Thanksgiving is over and now many people are getting into the Christmas spirit. Families have different traditions to get ready for the holidays. Some of these traditions can include making cookies, decorating a Christmas tree, decorating the house inside and out, elf on the shelf, caroling and most importantly Christmas movies. Christmas movies are constantly played throughout the month of December and are always looked at as the number one late night thing to do during the holiday season. 

People will constantly stay inside to binge watch Christmas movies over and over again to not just make them happy, but also spend time with their children. Families have now noticed to get families together all they have to do is play Christmas movies and their children will stop playing with their friends on break to stay with family. 

“At my house, when my parents tell us they are watching a Christmas movie, me and my brothers immediately drop anything we are doing to go join them. We used to live in Minnesota, so whenever we got snow my brother would go outside as soon as he could to go play with his friends. And if my brothers were outside with their friends and my parents were watching a Christmas movie, they run inside as soon as they can,” said Shopia Greatland, senior. 

Others hate Christmas movies based on how every new movie that comes out has the same story line and ends with a happy ending with toys and presents. For example, “Home Alone” is the number one movie for the most profitable box office value for a Christmas movie, coming in at 285.76 million dollars. While the “Polar Express” is coming in at fourth place with a 183.37 million dollar box office value, they both coincidentally end the same. “Home Alone” is a live action movie that tries to make Christmas a scary holiday by burglars breaking in to steal presents. The “Polar Express” is an animated movie with characters that go on an adventure to find their presents and Santa at the north pole, which is completely the opposite of the movie “Home Alone”. They still end the same with the children reuniting with their family and celebrating Christmas together and opening presents. 

“Christmas movies are never the same anymore, the producers constantly make repeats or make a sequel out of the first movie made. Every time a Christmas movie comes on I never get to enjoy the full story of what happens, because the ending of the story line will be how the family gets back together and has a wonderful time,” said Chrisitin Howard, sophomore.

But these Christmas movies are not for adults to watch just for the Christmas spirit, they make these movies to entertain the kids. Christmas movies have not been made recently, due to the fact ideas have already been made in other movies and now these producers do not know how to catch their audience. The audience they have left are children and they have to make animated movies in order for kids to be entertained. 

“Christmas movies back when I was a child just started becoming animated and I used to love watching the cartoon versions. I hated watching Christmas movies with real actors. But now in my house the only people that watch Christmas movies are my sisters who are 5 and 7. My family used to binge watch the old Christmas movies, but then they started getting repetitive,” said Trevor Gate, senior.

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