Trump’s ability to remain calm this election sets example for young Americans


Photos by Abby Pikett

Trump declares victory in 2020 election as fans cheer him on.

Abby Pikett, Editor-in-Chief

As Joe Biden, current president-elect of the United States, gained more and more electoral votes throughout the 2020 presidential election Nov. 3, President Donald Trump began demanding ballot recounts in important swing states like Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Trump showed his complete understanding of the American democratic process with these demands, which has led to the inspiration for many average Americans to take note from the President’s behavior, and put their denial abilities to use. These actions by the citizens are all based on one simple rhetorical question: “If the President can do it, why can’t I?”

Trump’s demands to put a pause on ballot counting during the election has inspired American students to do the same thing, but in the virtual classroom. Average American citizens have now realized that in order to get what they want, all they have to do is throw a tantrum, like they did at two years old.

“When I saw that Trump wanted the ballots to not be counted anymore, I asked my math teacher to just stop counting my bad grades. The swing states’ votes were harming Trump’s chances at winning and my math test grades are harming my chances at succeeding too,” said Bernard Sanderson, junior. 

Sanderson was not the only American to choose to start living by his own rules. Children as young as five years old have started to make their own rules for previously treasured games like Candy Land. One mother reported that when her daughter was losing in Candy Land, she violently flipped the board upside down and declared herself as the winner.

“Maybe I have been letting her watch the news too much,” said Alana Octavia-Corset. “My daughter seems to think that since Trump lost and decided he won, she can do the same thing in Candy Land. She simply acted as if the rule sheet did not exist.”

Trump was so undoubtedly sure that he was going to be elected president this year that he already prepared a winning speech, in which he would thank the American people for yet again, providing him with the popular vote. While thousands of ballots were still being counted, Trump declared victory and even announced that he would be running for a third term in 2024. After his advisors informed him that running for a third term is in fact illegal, Trump ignored them and fired them without hesitation.

“What the president is asking for is actually quite understandable. As a teacher, I would love it if I could just yell ‘stop’ and my responsibilities of grading would just disappear. It is almost like I would be putting a stop to the institution of education,” said Josie Bidden, math teacher. 

Trump realized that he had an amazing chance at winning this election so he did what any winning person would do and called fraud without any viable proof. Furthermore, Trump filed lawsuits in various states such as Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania because nothing is more exciting than spending money you do not have. 

Maybe if Trump put as much effort into his campaign and policy proposals as he does in trying to find proof of fraud, he would have actually won re-election. Although based on his past behaviors, it would not be surprising if Trump called fraud even if he had won, because he would probably be upset that the margin he won by was not large enough.  

“To be completely honest, I could not care less what Trump does these days. I checked out back in 2016 after Hillary lost,” said Holly Clanton, senior.