“The Onion” provides satrical news and humor

“The Onion” is a satirical news website that publishes false information, but makes satire of current political and random events. The Onion’s headquarters are stationed in Chicago, Illinois. “The Onion” was founded in 1988 by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson.

The articles that “The Onion” posts are fiction and nonfiction; they have wrote about Obama throwing up in the middle of a meeting in Syria or about God feeling down in the dumps after the death of his grandmother. When “The Onion” writes fiction, it is articles that will mainly attempt to make the readers laugh while non- fiction is usually satire of current events happening in the world.

“I like to read ‘The Onion’ because it makes fun of a lot of serious issues and puts it in a way that you can laugh at it,” said Daniel Christie, junior.

In addition to the articles, “The Onion” offers several other humorous features that could entertain readers. Unusual horoscopes, editorial cartoons, videos, and a weather that changes every time the web page is refreshed.

“The Onion’s” website is updated everyday, with the most significant updates being on Wednesdays. Currently, The Onion’s print edition is distributed on Thursdays in Milwaukee, Chicago, Denver, Omaha, Ann Arbor, Columbus and Boulder. It can also be distributed through email and paid subscription.

  “If ‘The Onion’ didn’t exist, I think I would be too worried about current events. It gives a much needed other viewpoint and doesn’t take itself seriously, so it lets me understand the flaws in daily news reporting,” said Sidd Gandhi, junior.

Although “The Onion” is completely satirical, there have been instances when people have taken the newsgroup seriously. In 1998, Fred Phillips used the article “98 Homosexual-Recruitment Drive Nearing Goal,” as proof that gay people were trying to “recruit” others.  Also in 2011, United States Capitol Police investigated reports from “The Onion’s” twitter account, which said that a U.S. congressman was holding twelve children hostage.

“The Onion” offers an oppurtunities for its readers to laugh at the current events instead of just nodding their heads and sighing. To visit and find out more information about “The Onion”, visit http://www.theonion.com/.