Apple releases new operating system, IOS 14

Jaden Tremelling, Entertainment Copy Editor

Apple has released a new version of their operation system on their phones, IOS 14. Released Sept. 16, it comes with many new features. Every phone that was able to run IOS 13 will also be able to run IOS 14, and the new system is around 2.6 gigabytes. 

One of the biggest features IOS 14 introduced is widgets. Widgets have been made to give you more information from just a glance. With widgets, users have been able to customize their home screen like never before, and many have gone to social media to show off their homescreen. Many people have made their home screens themed to their liking, such as making it Windows 98 themed or themed after their favorite tv show.

“I spent around an hour just messing around with my home screen, and I really liked how it turned out,” said Joy Winton, senior.

Another feature added in IOS 14 is the app library. The app library automatically sorts all of the users apps into different categories such as social, productivity and entertainment. It will also show suggested apps that they believe you may be looking for based on the time, location or the activity one may be currently doing. 

With IOS 14, Apple also introduced a more compact user interface (UI). Some features regarding this compact UI include phone call banners, so whenever one gets a call it does not take up the whole screen, meaning users will not lose track of what they are doing. Another feature is when one is on facetime, they can go to other apps without pausing their camera and will still be able to see the other person on their screen.

“Facetime used to be annoying because I would always have to stay on facetime to see what the other person is doing, but now I will be able to focus on other things while still being able to see the other person,” said Winton.

Siri has also been redesigned in IOS 14, taking a more compact look, where it will only pop up at the bottom of the screen. With a new redesign, Siri also has expanded knowledge, with over 20 times more facts than just three years ago. Along with more knowledge, one will be able to search the web using Siri, making it much easier to get answers without browsing the web.

New with IOS 14 is the translate app. The new app has the ability to translate 11 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. With the translate app comes a feature called conversation mode. One will be able to speak into the microphone and the translated text will show up including a translated audio.

IOS 14 came with lots of new features and updates on old ones. Other features in this new update include new memeoji hairstyles, cycling maps and pinned conversations in imessage. Overall IOS 14 makes using one’s iPhone an easier and more enjoyable experience.