Iphone 11

Yulisa Ramirez-Lopez, Assistant business manager

The Apple company has come out and given everyone a sneak peek of  the new iPhone 11 with an improved camera. Since June 29, 2007, Apple has been making iPhones, improving with each generation. On september 10, the newest generation was confirmed.The iPhone 11. This new model will be released on September 20 and has a starting price of $699, rather than the huge price of the iPhone x.

  Although the camera has better quality and a night mode camera setting, some people  have not liked the new model because of the camera lenses being small and close together.  Specifically, people have disliked the lenses because of trypophobia, fear of small holes. Apple has not brought up the situation and how they are dealing with it, but it has definitely caught people’s attention. The three lenses that the iPhone 11 comes with are the most eye catching and are the biggest change. The lens to the right is the ultra wide camera, the top left is the wide camera, and the bottom left is telephoto camera. The cameras are integrated with a stronger glass on the back of the iPhone. There are different zoom in settings such as a 360 zoom in and out.

“I really like the camera even though I know most people don’t, but I’m really into photography and stuff so like I find it cool,” said Adria Jones, Career and Technical Education teacher.

 There are new features such as IOS 13, faster face ID unlocking, one more hour of battery life and dual camera system with 12-megapixel lenses: wide and ultra wide. The flash and timer are hidden away. The iPhone 11 has its new personal features and iPhones in general will be getting the IOS 13 update. There are also new colors for the iPhone 11, such as lavender; green, red, yellow, black and white. Although the iPhone 11 has come quick, the apple business is growing on ideas and growing bigger.

“It’s like the air pods, people will say they don’t like them or think they’re ugly but then they go get them,” said Kerene Kiatoko, senior.