The new lunch schedule has potentially endangered clubs at Athens Drive

Stella Mabiala, Copy Editor

Students are encouraged to be well-rounded while in high school, to have a good amount of different activities under their belt for college application. Initially, the more well-rounded a student is, the better the student will look, which all adds up to the greater chance that the student would have to impress her potential college. There are always after school activities that students of all grades can participate in, but for those who have prior obligations or have circumstances that prevent them from taking part in extracurricular activities there is a solution: school clubs.

Here at Athens, there are a plethora of different clubs that appeal to the many interests of students. In-school clubs used to meet during the lunch period, either A or B lunch. The lunch period was originally around 50 minutes that was divided into two periods; a thirty minute A lunch and a twenty minute B lunch period. For the safety of the students however, the lunch period was changed. There is still A and B lunch, but this year the schedule is quite different. Students who have the privilege of an upstairs classroom as their third period class get to go to lunch first while students who have a third period that is downstairs go straight there following second period.
It is understandable that it is simply for the safety of the student body; however, there is still a problem with this schedule change: in school clubs. With this new schedule comes a twenty minute period known as Advantage Time. During this time, a student could either stay in the class of the day until the class begins, go to one of the designated areas of the school, or take part in clubs that run within the twenty minute period.

Students who are incapable of participating in extracurricular activities but still enjoy being active in school result to join in school clubs but now this new lunch schedule jeopardizes their chance to do so. By the time all members show up to a said club, they may not have a lot of time to hold a genuine meeting. Overall, clubs here at Athens are endangered due to the changes to the school schedule.