Winner in South Carolina receives $1.6 billion Mega Millions lottery

Riley Saye, Computer Expert

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot reached a record breaking 1.6 billion dollars Oct. 19, 2018. A person in South Carolina won the jackpot Oct. 23, 2018.

“The first thing I would do is take care of all debt, college debt, and all that good stuff not just for me, but for my sisters as well,” said Melissa Hunt, Science teacher at Athens Drive.

Sometimes the hardest part for winners is spending the money. In the past many winners have spent more money than they can afford and end up broke.

“I would probably have to quit working here just because everybody would know that I was a Mega Millions winner, and I might go out to Texas and get a ranch like my grandfather’s,” said Hunt.

With the world record 1.6 billion dollars one could move almost anywhere imaginable. The closest previous jackpot is Jan. 2016 where a jackpot of about 1.5 billion was split between three winning tickets.

“I would help out my family especially my brother and his family, and then I think it would be important, because one thing that really bothers me is children that are hungry, so I would try to set up some kind of foundation for that and with that kind of money you could do a lot of good,” said Susan Connor, English teacher at Athens Drive.

Many believe here are many less fortunate people around the world that could benefit from the money and a foundation to help them. There are already many efforts to help them, but an amount of money like this would help even more.

“I would love to have a house at the beach with an indoor pool and an indoor skating rink because those are two of my favorite things to do,” said Connor.