2018 Literacy Week

Ava Riach, Current Event Reporter

Literacy Week was created in 2017 by Jennifer Lowry, literacy coach. This event brings together different people from different fields to talk about their experience with reading and writing. This year’s Literacy Week was during the week of April 9. It includes various presentations over the duration of a week. These appearances can include book releases, motivational speakers and more.

“I took moving schools as a golden opportunity to officially write my skin a final Dear John letter

It just wasn’t working out between the two of us so I wanted to call it quits

Although my skin objected, my heart overpowered it and from that day on I filled myself to the brim with stereotypes and self-hatred

But my skin was a permanent reminder that no matter what I would still be stuck between two very different worlds,” poem by Lillian Lewis, sophomore.

One presentation was by Lewis about a poem she wrote that was published in the book Colorism Essays and Poems (Volume 1).

“I hope that it taught them about colorism, but I also hope it inspires them to achieve their goals,” said Lewis, sophomore.

Conner Bayer, social studies teacher participated both this year and last year in Literacy Week by rapping. Bayer wanted to be involved because he thought it would bring classes together. It was an opportunity for him to share his outside passion of music with the school and it let his students see a different side of him. Last year Bayer gave a speech about how he became interested in music and how music is like poetry, and poetry is literacy. This year he combined what he talked about with events happening in the country and incorporated it into his music. He shares many messages through his music such as follow your dreams, work hard and treat people equally.

A popular part of Literacy Week is the Poetry Slam. While students share poems they have written, school faculty members must write a poem on the spot about a certain topic. Bayer was this year’s winner.

“People don’t realize that literacy is everywhere. Between music and even movies and television. All of that has scripts and behind the scene things,” said Bayer.

Bayer thinks Literacy Week gives students a new perspective on reading and writing proficiency. Most people think literacy is just reading or writing and may not like either of those activities. In reality, words are a huge part of society. It plays a big role in school and outside of school.

Bayer hopes it shows all the different routes, and that students can be young and successful in many different ways, while it all incorporates literacy. This includes being a singer or an actor.
“I thought it was fun and it got a lot of people involved,” said Samuel Katz, junior.

Conner Bayer, social studies teacher being crowned Poetry Slam winner.
Lillian Lewis, sophomore presented her poem during Literacy Week.