Quarter view of the iPhone x

Apple introduces the new iPhone X for the holiday months

October 5, 2017


Many people assume that the new iPhone X will create big milestones in the technology era we have today. Those milestones can affect students in the classroom. Students come to school and bring their phones because it is natural to have them in their back pocket. At times this little device can be distracting or beneficial.
At Athens Drive High School we have something called bring your own device (BYOD). Students have the chance to bring their own devices in the classroom. The devices help students become more engaged in what they are learning in class. At times this can become a distraction for students.

“Technology has affected their ability to focus for long periods of time,” said Jody Herring, English teacher.

Students not only at Athens Drive, but also other schools, have been seen to have shorter attention spans because of technology. This is due to the fact that when people use their phones they can get a notification in a second or two. The fact that messages and streaming can happen on one’s phone so quick is weakening the brain because microsoft tested that because everything is so direct, and it happens so fast that people are having weaker attention spans.

“In Athens Drive a lot of the times we do stuff that is technology related, or teachers are cool about us using it during class time so it is not really a distraction in class since we are using  it at the same time as doing our work,” said Emerald Joseph, freshman.  

Now with phones, students have more multitasking abilities because they now are used to doing two or more things at once. In the classroom one student might be researching while listening to music. Students’ short attention spans could be a side affect from students multitasking abilities. Now with the iPhone X coming out students will be able to do even more.

“Facial Recognition is not very safe because if someone hacks into your phone they can know who you are,” said Joseph.  

The iPhone X will be coming out with facial recognition instead of having a home button. This could possibly cause safety problems in school. Students today are getting smarter and smarter and now with facial recognition someone could hack into a phone. If a student does this, they could possibly be accused of identity theft.

Having facial recognition could also be much easier than having to press a home button and log in. All a student would have to do is hold his or her phone up to their face and unlock their phone. Facial recognition will also include creating 3-D facial expressions to become emojis. Apple wants to create something that will get people’s attention.  

“When you get older your friends are going to start moving to other places,” said Herring.

Technology helps this because with a click of a button students can find their long lost friends. With social media rising to the top, students can most likely find friends if they just type it in the search bar on any social media app. With Facetime on the iPhone, students can also experience seeing their friends face to face.

“I think students are addicted to being able to be the center of their own world and technology helps them,” said Herring.


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