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Military service can be a beneficial career choice after high school

Emily Cooney, Graphic/Mods Editor

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Danasia Wills, senior, has committed to the Marine branch of the United States Military and will enter boot camp this August. Bootcamp is required of every recruit to prepare for possible future combat. Many students believe that college is the only route to take after high school, but many other opportunities are available. The military is a smart option because it will pave the way to the future.

“Take a chance, it is a great way to travel the world too,” said Sergeant Grays, recruiter.

One of the most assumed aspects about the marines is if one joins, they may fight in combat. However, combat is an option, but going into a career through the military service is also a viable choice. Career fields available include engineering, human resources, a chef or even going into government intelligence.

“You don’t have to go to war, there are different jobs, and it’s not combat if you don’t sign up for it,” said Wills.

Some know what they want to do after high school early on, for others it may take longer to come to a decision.

“It’s never too early to start thinking about the future, you can apply up to a year before boot camp,” said Sergeant Grays.

Every Tuesday and Thursday there is physical training (PT) outside Cary Towne Center Mall. They run around the entire mall from time to time, along with drills to build up endurance.

“Exercise is really important because you will run everyday, and it is important to be able to keep up, but also keep up mentally as well,”said Wills.

Leadership and discipline are both main components of the military experience along with financial benefits. Other advantages of going into the military are seeing the world, free college tuition, and meeting new people.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) written test is required to be passed by applicants, along with drug and physical tests. Athleticism is a good characteristic to have because training and bootcamp are quite physically and mentally challenging.

“A good thing about this is that you will stay in good shape and keep improving,” said Wills.

There is also the guarantee of financial stability while in the military, as one is paid for bootcamp and their job of choice. After bootcamp, a new marine, who choses to go go towards a career path,  is required to go to school at a military base or a university of their choice with a full paid tuition from the military. One will go to school for a short time period and then go straight into their chosen profession.

“Your job could be at the base, or you could go to so many other places like California, Virginia or Japan,” said Wills.

Many students are reluctant to join the marines or any military branch because they do not have a lot of education on the matter.

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Military service can be a beneficial career choice after high school