Danasia Wills, Business Manager

An abusive relationship can occur in any situation and it is best to stop them at an early stage before it becomes life threatening. The abuse is not always  physical; it can also be emotional, financial, or sexual. There are signs that can make spotting an abusive relationship easier especially  if one partner has behavior changes and they become more controlling.

If anyone is in an abusive relationship, it is best to reach out for help before completely deciding to leave their partner. Some signs to be aware of an abusive relationship are controlling behavior, humiliation, verbal insults, physical violence, mood swings, manipulation, jealousy and possessiveness. It can end badly if anyone gets caught while trying to leave, since some abusers in the relationships are probably not mentally stable. This is why the first thing someone should do is to reach out to a school counselor or an adult; reach out to someone trustworthy, even if it is a friend.

According to “Love is Respect,” nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year. One in ten high school students have been purposefully hit, slapped, physically hurt by a partner. The biggest problem is witnessing or being abused and not saying anything. No one should be a victim to abuse, regardless of the type. This is why the best way to avoid an abusive relationship at a young age is to stay out of one. No one in high school should focus on relationships because knowing what to do in the future is more important.

One factor that affects a lot of teenagers is peer pressure. Peer pressure is something teens do to manipulate one another to get them to do what they want. A lot of students go through peer pressure and they can easily get influenced to do things they are not used to or do not want to do.

Before getting to know a partner, invest in them by fully getting to know them. Relationships may not be perfect but working on it daily can help. Teens are daily losing their lives left to right due to abusive relationships. Teens should not rush into a relationship in high school because around this time a lot of things are occurring; such as puberty and mixed emotions. At this age, many high schoolers are not mentally strong to think on their own.