Prom is great, but being frugal is even better

Jackie Wallace, Editorial Editor

The end of the school year has finally made its mark, again with all the same clichés popping up left and right. Freshmen have to endure another simple year of high school, sophomores are biting their nails over upcoming stresses of AP classes, juniors have their college checklists ready to be made and of course, seniors are just enjoying every second left of activities until they reach the start of adulthood. Oh wait, did I forget that seniors also talk about senior picnics, not doing homework, senioritis, prom, prom, wedging in community service hours, oh…and prom?

I hear about prom constantly. Although, I’m not saying it is not an interesting thing to talk about. I would love to absorb my mind glancing at dresses that will cost just as much as my textbooks for my first year of college, look at cute hair-do’s on Pinterest that break the laws of physics and find an expensive steakhouse to go to with my friends. Then, I feel obligated to stress about situations similar to cavemen, food. “Ooh wait… I don’t want to bloat, so I think I’ll just get a salad.” Prom might actually be so important, some could seriously call it a pre-wedding. After all, it requires a ton of money blown from both families, a dress you wear only once, four or five girls have the same dresses and the promposal. The promposal.

The “promposal” is such an overwhelming experience for both genders. Girls are entranced over Instagram photos, staring at all the boys asking girls to prom. However, I happened to ask my boyfriend to prom. I saw the stressful side of prom because my boyfriend no longer attends the school. Asking myself questions like, “Do I pay for the tickets?” “Does he pay for dinner?” “Will he like my friends?” “What if he has exams?” It was really simple when we both were in high school, but I have to consider that if I was in his shoes, coming to a high school prom really isn’t up there with my top ten things to do.

The stress is what stopped me from going to prom this year. I went to prom last year and had a blast; I danced the night away and regretted keeping my wedges on while I “Pop-locked- and dropped it” on the dance floor. However, there is seriously no reason to make prom so stressful, and I’ll be happy that I don’t spend money on a dress I will wear once, or food that I will have to take to-go and it will sit in my fridge for two weeks.

There are other ways that I am going to be spending my Saturday night. Considering cliques just follow suit at dances, my two-man clique is going to be spending time going to a nice dinner, eating everything on that beautiful porcelain plate, watching a movie about problems I don’t have and then eating frozen yogurt with all the pride I have left from stuffing my face with chicken. I love chicken.

The point is that going to prom is way too blown out of proportion. Yeah, I guess that if you are going with a friend or your crush, it might be a less awkward route than going on a one-on-one date. There are other places I would rather spend my money, when I can be having a romantic princess time with my prince while I stuff my face with chicken and frozen yogurt.